Thursday, February 23, 2006

The passing of Little Twee.
We are sad to tell you that Little Twee who had been feeling poorly, past away quietly during the nite.


Little Twee in better days.

9AM - Grinding Rock.
Somethings in Lucrecia's kitchen fascinate me. The box where she works the milk into cheese is one thing. The grinding rock is another. In the pic below, Lucrecia grinds course salt into fine. In her hands she holds a large smooth stone. Wow!


Grinding course salt into fine.

1PM - What would we do without water?
There has been no rain for over a year at the Rancho, or in the mountains above. Yet the wells continue to give water.

There are two family owned wells on the Gonzalez family rancho. One well at Gumaro and Lucrecia's home, and the other a short distance away at brother Alfredo's home. Two other water wells are located nearby, and all of this water appears to come from the same source.

Water is drawn from the wells with gasoline engine powered pumps. Electric water pumps are not used because there is no electric service in this area. Solar powered electric pumps could be used, but they are not chosen because the initial cost is very high.

Ismael, the youngest son of Gumaro and Lucretia is in the water delivery business. Ismael fills up his pipa (tanker truck) several times each day, and delivers to nearby million dollar homes along the coast and to any businesses and ranchos that need water.. There is no city water system out here.


Ismael has two pipas. This is the newest one.


Water well at Gumaro's ranch house.

6PM - Chivos are late today.
Today is the second day that I got to put the chivos (goats) in the corral all by myself. The family was busy with some business, and Lucrecia said to me, Do you want to put the chivos in the corral? Well of course I wanted to very much!

Yesterday the chivos wanted to eat the hay for the horse in the outer corral, and it was difficult to herd them thru their gate. Today, it was easy. The chivos were all crowding around their gate. Chivos know where they belong.

Below is a pic of the chivero which is what the goat dog is called. The chivero has been living with these goats since he was born.. This black chivero is the most friendly dog. He loves to be petted.


Chivero in the goat corral.


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