Friday, March 31, 2006

7AM - Little Mavicito's First Panoramas.
Yesterday afternoon on our walk, Little Mavicito took his first panorama pics. This morning we are publishing those panoramas!

For his size, Little Mavicito makes some big pics! Be sure to click the Thumbnails, OK?


El Boleo Museum.


Santa Rosalia Harbor from behind the old foundry.

9AM - Chito and Alty Porch Project, Last Day.
Yesterday when Alty came home from work and saw the Porch project, she was not happy. An exposed unfinished concrete edge was ugly. Neither Chuy, Guero or me could remember what the old floor at the concrete looked like. We decided to put an incline to conceal the concrete edge and make walking easier.

First the rest of the railing fence was reattached. Then began work on the incline. In order for the boards of the incline to not stick up to much, Guero sawed and chisseled the wood away. Amazing!

Chuy and Guero nailed down the incline, and the job was finished!

PorchProject03-31-2006 001Copy PorchProject03-31-2006 002Copy PorchProject03-31-2006 003Copy

PorchProject03-31-2006 006Copy PorchProject03-31-2006XCopy

11AM - Settling up and saying goodbye.
Now came the time to pay Chuy and Guero for their work.

$250US Foundation and supports and $100US Floor. Pretty good price! After paying, we said goodbye and the men climbed in the 1971 Toyota pickup and went home.

PorchProject03-31-2006 008Copy PorchProject03-31-2006 007Copy PorchProject03-31-2006 009Copy

12 Noon - Going over the Porch Project.
Everybody on The Team wants to thank all of you who wrote emails of support and donated to pay for the Chito and Alty Porch Project. Thank you sooooooo much! It gave us a tremendous feeling to help these nice people!

Labor for the job is $350 and materials, $454. Total cost, $804. Donations of $602 were received from readers. So we on The Team only had to come up with $202. MsTioga says that this sounds like a pretty good deal to her!

2PM - Pic taking fiends!
Mavicito and Jorge have been going all over El Centro and taking pics. We are pic taking fiends. This is the last full day for The Team in Cachania, and we need pics for the Memories Page.

One of the places that Jorge passes almost everyday is just before the descent from the road below the hospital. In the pic below, Mavicito is looking at the Biblioteca, the white building toward the rear. The yellow building in the lower left is the famous, Terco's Pollito Restaurante.


Biblioteca high view.


4PM - Family goes to Mariscos Neto!
I've been talking to Alty for weeks about taking the family to 'El Pollo Real Restaurante' (a BBQ chicken place) just before I leave Cachania. Now that Mariscos Neto has been found, how could we go anywhere else? Mariscos is seafood, and as I've written before, Neto's prepares great mariscos and serves gigantic portions.

We all climbed into Chito's car (except for the kids Mom-Neyreyda who had to work) and drove down the hill, thru El Centro to Neto’s. I ordered fish prepared in garlic. Alty ordered breaded fish. Chito, Alejandra, Ana and Victor ordered breaded shrimp.

Afternoon03-31-2006 003Copy

A just before we begin to eat pic.

5:30PM - Adventure in El Centro.
We asked permission for the kids to walk back to Hill Camp with Jorge. Ana and Victor wanted to go, Alejandra said no.

We walked thru El Centro looking at all the stores, and just talking and messing around. The chamacos (kids) wanted a treat, and we decided to head over to Jugos Y Nieves for ice cream (Juices and Ice Cream).

Afternoon03-31-2006 004Copy

On the way to Jugos Y Nieves.

6:30PM - Hill Camp.
The chamacos showed me a new camino (trail) back up to Hill Camp. Victor seems to be experiencing my going away. He clings to my arm as we walk along. When we come back to Chito and Alty's home, another family member is missing me too. As you may see in the pic below, Lassie wants some love. Lassie is a big and mean looking dog, and actually is sooooooo full of love, you would not believe.

We all said our goodbyes. But one last bit of business was to be settled.

Afternoon03-31-2006 001Copy

My friend Lassie in the bougainvillea.

7:00PM - Ana makes a bargain.
Ana has helped me with the garden before. Ana is a responsible and clear thinking girl, eight years old. I asked Ana earlier in the day if she would be interested in taking care of The Garden while I was north. A big smile came to her face. We made a deal and I told her not to say anything until I asked for permission, which Grandmother Alty gave to me this evening.

The deal is, that I will pay Ana to water the plants daily, keep the stone edges and brick fence in condition, and rake the garden once each week. If the garden is looking good when I return, she will receive an undisclosed tidy sum.

CachaniaFriends 006

My friend and gardener, Ana Karen.


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Thursday, March 30, 2006

4AM - Mr. Mavica's panorama of Cachania.
The nickname for Santa Rosalia is 'Cachania'. Mr. Mavica on a better day, made the panorama of Cachania below. As you know, Mr. Mavica has made his very last pic. The little guy's lens is ruined, and he has gone off into retirement.

Did you read in yesterday's post that Mr. Mavica bought a replacement for himself? The new little camera is named Mavicito. Have a good rest Mr. Mavica! We will not forget you.

Mr. Mavica's last pic

9AM - Chito and Alty Porch Project, Day 4.
If you are just tuning in for the first time on the Porch Project, you may want to go back in the archives and read about what is going on.

Carpenters Chuy and his grandson Javier (nicknamed Guero) will replace the last two porch roof supports this morning. First, the old rotted supports will be removed. Then the rest of the rotted floorboards taken out. Next, the last foundation beam is put in place.

PorchProjectDay03-30-2006 001Copy PorchProjectDay03-30-2006 002Copy PorchProjectDay03-30-2006 003Copy

After the two new support posts are nailed in, comes the laying of the remaining floorboards all the way to the corner. Just before leaving for the day, Chuy and Guero reconnected the electric wires that run along the posts. Then they replaced a section of the old fence.

PorchProjectDay03-30-2006 004Copy PorchProjectDay03-30-2006 005Copy PorchProjectDay03-30-2006 006Copy

Cachania - A glorius Pueblo.
Why is Cachania (Santa Rosalia) glorius? One reason is Restaurante Neto. Nearly all of the tourists who eat in Cachania go to Turco's Pollito, and this place is a wonderful restaurant. Nothing compared to Restaurante Neto however where the food is absolutely fabulous. And, there is soooooo much of it!!

When you are driving into Cachania, you will come to the entrance of the Pueblo where stands the old Boleo Mining Company steam locomotive. Don't go past this engine. Turn right at the locomotive and continue thru the Pueblo. Keep looking on the right side of the road, almost thru El Centro.


Go right past the steam locomotive and straight thru the Pueblo.

Restaurante Neto's.
You will come to Restaurante Neto in the same block as Lavanderia Amalia. Neto's is a not for tourists place. Music Mexicana comes from a baby boombox in the rear. You sit on plastic arm chairs. Everybody who is likely to be a customer here speaks no English.

You will not have to speak Spanish, however. The menu is easy to understand. Just remember that 'ajo' is 'garlic'. We on The Team recommend fish or anything else on the menu that has garlic. $5US for a complete fish supper. If you finish this supper, you will not be hungry.


Restaurante Neto's. Fish with garlic recommended!

Little Mavicito is working hard!
We want you to know something, OK? Everybody on The Team is very happy for Little Mavicito, our newly purchased camera. Even the now retired Mr. Mavica loves Little Mavicito.

Every pic on this day's post was taken by Mavicito, except the very first pic. That one of course, was Mr. Mavica's last published pic.


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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Staying happy when coming to the end.
You know that I will be heading north shortly after Chito and Alty's Porch Project is completed. I've received several emails wondering if I will miss Santa Rosalia and Hill Camp? This subject is a fascinating one for me.

How do I keep excited and happy, right to the end of being in this place that I love? I certainly do not want to feel regretful now. That would spoil things.

My goal that I made on my birthday for this, my 68th year works for me. I stay in the now, and do not project myself into the future or past. How I do this? Whatever I am doing, I try to hear what is going on around me. Also feel the coolness or the warmth of the air. I stay conscious of all my senses. Hearing, seeing, feeling, tasting and smelling. Maybe that’s why little kids are usually so happy when they are playing? Never worrying about tomorrow, little kids only live in today.

Impossible for me to be feeling regretful when living in the now.

9AM - Day No. 3 Chito and Alty Porch Project.
Lassie had escaped and was running all around the place. When carpenters Chuy and Javier drove up, of course Lassie wanted to play with them. The only thing is, that Lassie is sooooo big and barks a lot. It is hard to focus on Lassie's friendly tail wag while all that barking is going on and he is jumping on you!

Today is the day much of the porch floorboards go down. First the old rotten floor must be lifted off. Then new 2x4 cross supports nailed on because as you saw yesterday, the old cross supports were in very bad shape.

Next thing came the laying of the floor. The more porch floor was laid, the better everything looked.

DayThreeA03-29-2006Copy DayThreeB03-29-2006Copy DayThreeC03-29-2006Copy

DayThreeD03-29-2006Copy DayThreeE03-29-2006Copy DayThreeF03-29-2006Copy

3PM - A word from Mr. Mavica.
Dear reader friends,
I had a real hard time this morning with taking pics. I just could not handle the light today.

After putting up this post, reader friend Royal wrote an email suggesting that my lens was dirty. George looked at the lens with a strong magnifying glass. My lens is all scratched up! One of the girls from next door borrowed me, and may have touched the lens.

Anyway, I am ruined now, and cannot take decent pictures anymore. We will have to return to the USA and get a replacement camera. Until then, I am soooooo sorry for my pics.

4PM - A terrible thing.
I found a website that was a forum about repairing cameras. A post asked for help with a scratched lens. It was advised that toothpaste works great, and a woman poster said that the exact camera that I use had its lens scratches removed by polishing with toothpaste.

Unfortunately disaster struck. Now Mr. Mavica is almost blind! Take a look at his pic below!!


Mr. Mavica can no longer focus.

6PM - What to do?
Poor Mr. Mavica felt sooooo bad! We both walked all over town shopping for a temporary camera. Neither of us could make a decision!

We walked back to Hill Camp, and turned on Ms. GQ and opened up our email. Maybe the answer would be in there?! Sure enough, we received the following message:

On 29 Mar 2006 at 19:45, Martha B wrote:
Hi George,
Please keep sending pics till you can have Mr. Mavica repaired or get a new little Mavica. Keep on clicking.

Of course! Martha is absolutely right !!

7PM - The Camera Store.
Mr. Mavica and I walked down to El Centro and bought a digital camera at the Fotografica Mart. We call the camera, Mavicito. Both Mr. Mavica and I believe that Mavicito will do a very good job.


Mavicito taking a test pic of Jorge in the camera store.

7:30PM - Chuyita's Hot Dogs.
Mr. Mavica, Mavicito and I walked down to Chuyita's and I ordered a Salchicha (bacon wrapped hotdog) with the works. While I was eating, one of the guys at Chuyita's offered to take my pic with Mavicito.


Mavicito catches Jorge eating a hotdog at Chuyita’s.


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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

7AM - Last look at Lazy Daze.
This morning LD and Michel head south. Mr. Mavica went up on the water tank roof and made this panorama of Chito's home, LD and MsTioga. We hope to be able to make better panoramas soon!


9AM - Day No. 2 of the Porch Project.
Yesterday, carpenters Chuy and his grandson Javier placed a new 4x6 foundation board to replace a section of the rotted old foundation. This morning another section of 4x6 foundation will be replaced. First the clamping bolt that secures the new corner post is installed.

More rotted floorboards are removed, exposing additional rotted foundation beams. These rotted 2x4 foundation cross supports must be replaced.

Vertical supports are attached to the lower section of two posts that hold up the roof.

PorchA03-28-2006Copy PorchAB3-28-2006Copy PorchC3-28-2006Copy PorchD3-28-2006Copy

12 Noon - The Lumberyard.
Yesterday when I went to buy the floorboards, the price was too high. It is not necessary to use quality lumber for the porch floor. Sergio the owner of the lumberyard suggested that Chuy and Javier come down today to look at this lumber.

Chuy, Javier and I drove down to the lumberyard. They will go thru the boards to find wood that will be acceptable. The 2x4s will also be purchased to replace the rotted cross supports.


Chuy and Javier sort the lumber for the floorboards.

Readers help with The Porch Project!
When we posted about The Porch Project, readers began to donate money to help out. Everybody on The Team is sooooo grateful for your help. The family of Chito and Alty is grateful too. I would like to acknowledge the generousity of donors listed below.

1. Mark Leibfreid
2. Bob Rowe
3. William Meyer
4. Lee Benson
5. David Humbert
6. Kathleen Kelly
7. Eugene Fischer
8. John Butruce
9. Andrew Henckler
10. Cheryl Kruid
11. Sharlene Parker
12. Joan Anderson
13. William Steuer
14. Karl Schmidt
15. Joseph H.
16. Michel Thibault
17. Michael Douglass

2PM - Readers pay for entire Porch Project!
Mr. Chips just added up all of the donations received for the Chito and Alty Porch Project. Would you believe that our wonderful readers have paid for the entire Project?! Wow! Thank you sooooooooooooo much! Your generousity is overwhelming!

3PM - Mr. Mavica and Mr. Chip's pic of Chito's house.
Mr. Chips figured out how to make a 'flat' pic of Chito's house using many different shots. Mr. Mavica did not even use his pal TriPod! What do you think? Hmmmm?


Flat panorama of Chito and Alty's home.


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