Thursday, March 30, 2006

4AM - Mr. Mavica's panorama of Cachania.
The nickname for Santa Rosalia is 'Cachania'. Mr. Mavica on a better day, made the panorama of Cachania below. As you know, Mr. Mavica has made his very last pic. The little guy's lens is ruined, and he has gone off into retirement.

Did you read in yesterday's post that Mr. Mavica bought a replacement for himself? The new little camera is named Mavicito. Have a good rest Mr. Mavica! We will not forget you.

Mr. Mavica's last pic

9AM - Chito and Alty Porch Project, Day 4.
If you are just tuning in for the first time on the Porch Project, you may want to go back in the archives and read about what is going on.

Carpenters Chuy and his grandson Javier (nicknamed Guero) will replace the last two porch roof supports this morning. First, the old rotted supports will be removed. Then the rest of the rotted floorboards taken out. Next, the last foundation beam is put in place.

PorchProjectDay03-30-2006 001Copy PorchProjectDay03-30-2006 002Copy PorchProjectDay03-30-2006 003Copy

After the two new support posts are nailed in, comes the laying of the remaining floorboards all the way to the corner. Just before leaving for the day, Chuy and Guero reconnected the electric wires that run along the posts. Then they replaced a section of the old fence.

PorchProjectDay03-30-2006 004Copy PorchProjectDay03-30-2006 005Copy PorchProjectDay03-30-2006 006Copy

Cachania - A glorius Pueblo.
Why is Cachania (Santa Rosalia) glorius? One reason is Restaurante Neto. Nearly all of the tourists who eat in Cachania go to Turco's Pollito, and this place is a wonderful restaurant. Nothing compared to Restaurante Neto however where the food is absolutely fabulous. And, there is soooooo much of it!!

When you are driving into Cachania, you will come to the entrance of the Pueblo where stands the old Boleo Mining Company steam locomotive. Don't go past this engine. Turn right at the locomotive and continue thru the Pueblo. Keep looking on the right side of the road, almost thru El Centro.


Go right past the steam locomotive and straight thru the Pueblo.

Restaurante Neto's.
You will come to Restaurante Neto in the same block as Lavanderia Amalia. Neto's is a not for tourists place. Music Mexicana comes from a baby boombox in the rear. You sit on plastic arm chairs. Everybody who is likely to be a customer here speaks no English.

You will not have to speak Spanish, however. The menu is easy to understand. Just remember that 'ajo' is 'garlic'. We on The Team recommend fish or anything else on the menu that has garlic. $5US for a complete fish supper. If you finish this supper, you will not be hungry.


Restaurante Neto's. Fish with garlic recommended!

Little Mavicito is working hard!
We want you to know something, OK? Everybody on The Team is very happy for Little Mavicito, our newly purchased camera. Even the now retired Mr. Mavica loves Little Mavicito.

Every pic on this day's post was taken by Mavicito, except the very first pic. That one of course, was Mr. Mavica's last published pic.


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