Wednesday, March 01, 2006

5:30AM - We're having a heatwave!
MsTioga slept with all of her windows and even her door open last nite. It is sooooo warm! The temperature was already at 63°F as we went out to sit on the beach in our lounge chair this morning.

What a gorgeous time is the very early morning dawn today. The Planet Venus is so bright, that a Venus beam is cast on the water. There is no Moon tonite, and the stars are gorgeous. The little waves of the sea are only several inches high, coming in every few seconds. Don't you love the sound of the water?

7AM - Our budget is looking good!
Do you love to pay your bills? I sure do. Is that a strange thing to be excited about? Hmmmm? Since living down here in Mexico, expenses have been very low. The budget has taken a fantastic rebound. Would you like to take a peek at our budget?
TiogaRV Team Budget Information

10AM - Cookies are sooooo much work.
We baked a wonderful batch of Oatmobile Cookies this morning. They are sooooo good. But the quality control testing of the cookies is sooooo much work. We tested and tested and tested. Finally after the batch of cookies were quality approved, it was time for a rest on the beach.

OatmobileCookies03-01-2006Copy RestingLigui03-01-2005Copy

Is this all the cookies left from a whole batch? Wow!


2PM - The Wind is strong.
During the morning, three groups of fishermen drove up with trucks pulling their pangas in trailers. The wind was calm then. A little while ago the boats returned, and the wind was sooooo strong. The men pulled their boats back into the trailers, then talked about things and shared some food.

For me, standing in the strong wind is not comfortable. But the wind did not seem to bother the fishermen.


The tranquel sea has turned to fast waves.

Camping alone.
Today an email came from reader Hank, who wrote: When you camp there on the beach are you all alone? Like there is no other rvs there but you?! And is that safe?

I do not worry about camping alone, or about safety. Something might happen. But if I worried about that something, I would be spoiling everyday. I prefer to enjoy everyday.


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