Tuesday, March 28, 2006

7AM - Last look at Lazy Daze.
This morning LD and Michel head south. Mr. Mavica went up on the water tank roof and made this panorama of Chito's home, LD and MsTioga. We hope to be able to make better panoramas soon!


9AM - Day No. 2 of the Porch Project.
Yesterday, carpenters Chuy and his grandson Javier placed a new 4x6 foundation board to replace a section of the rotted old foundation. This morning another section of 4x6 foundation will be replaced. First the clamping bolt that secures the new corner post is installed.

More rotted floorboards are removed, exposing additional rotted foundation beams. These rotted 2x4 foundation cross supports must be replaced.

Vertical supports are attached to the lower section of two posts that hold up the roof.

PorchA03-28-2006Copy PorchAB3-28-2006Copy PorchC3-28-2006Copy PorchD3-28-2006Copy

12 Noon - The Lumberyard.
Yesterday when I went to buy the floorboards, the price was too high. It is not necessary to use quality lumber for the porch floor. Sergio the owner of the lumberyard suggested that Chuy and Javier come down today to look at this lumber.

Chuy, Javier and I drove down to the lumberyard. They will go thru the boards to find wood that will be acceptable. The 2x4s will also be purchased to replace the rotted cross supports.


Chuy and Javier sort the lumber for the floorboards.

Readers help with The Porch Project!
When we posted about The Porch Project, readers began to donate money to help out. Everybody on The Team is sooooo grateful for your help. The family of Chito and Alty is grateful too. I would like to acknowledge the generousity of donors listed below.

1. Mark Leibfreid
2. Bob Rowe
3. William Meyer
4. Lee Benson
5. David Humbert
6. Kathleen Kelly
7. Eugene Fischer
8. John Butruce
9. Andrew Henckler
10. Cheryl Kruid
11. Sharlene Parker
12. Joan Anderson
13. William Steuer
14. Karl Schmidt
15. Joseph H.
16. Michel Thibault
17. Michael Douglass

2PM - Readers pay for entire Porch Project!
Mr. Chips just added up all of the donations received for the Chito and Alty Porch Project. Would you believe that our wonderful readers have paid for the entire Project?! Wow! Thank you sooooooooooooo much! Your generousity is overwhelming!

3PM - Mr. Mavica and Mr. Chip's pic of Chito's house.
Mr. Chips figured out how to make a 'flat' pic of Chito's house using many different shots. Mr. Mavica did not even use his pal TriPod! What do you think? Hmmmm?


Flat panorama of Chito and Alty's home.


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