Monday, March 27, 2006

Before Sunrise - Panorama View from Hill Top Camp.
Many readers have emailed our friend Michel the photographer, to encourage us to do panorama pics. Michel thought that panorama pics would be a very good idea. This morning we have made a panorama looking north from Hill Camp.

Below is Mr. Mavica and Jorge's first panorama. We have a lot to learn about panoramas. We hope that you like this one.


9AM - Day No. 1 of the Porch Project.
Do you remember last week when we were planning the porch project? Chito and Alty's porch foundation near the patio, is terribly rotten. We have asked for permission to repair the porch.

Carpenter Chuy and his grandson Javier are going to do the work. The lumber and materials are purchased from Sergio who owns Maderas Y Materiales lumber yard at the foot of the hill near our Camp.

The first thing that is to be done is separate the rotten vertical support at the corner of the porch from the floor. Then the railing may be removed.

As the parts of the porch were exposed, it became clear that the wood of the porch floor was falling to pieces. To replace the floor boards will be expensive, perhaps $400US, but I feel that this must be done, and tell Chuy that the floor will be replaced.

Chuy and Javier are only able to take out one vertical support at a time, or the porch overhang will collapse. The rotten 4x4 foundation is removed.

PorchA03-27-2006Copy PorchB03-27-2006Copy PorchC03-27-2006Copy

PorchD03-27-2006Copy PorchE03-27-2006Copy

11AM - Foundation and corner porch support.
Now a 4x6 is put in place forming the new foundation. Then the rotten corner vertical support is cut away, and a new 4x4 is nailed into the foundation.

FoundationA03-27-2006Copy FoundationB03-27-2006Copy FoundationC03-27-2006Copy

FoundationD03-27-2006Copy FoundationE03-27-2006Copy

4PM - Buying porch floor boards.
It was not a surprise for me to learn that the porch floor boards would need replacement. I expected that when doing house repairs, that things pop-up that need attention that cannot be known before getting into the job.

It was a surprise to be told at the lumberyard that the price for the floor boards would be $367US. Do you remember Sergio, the owner of the lumber yard? I spoke with Sergio to see if there were some way to bring the lumber cost down, and guess what? There is!

Sergio has the same lumber that is needed for the floor boards, with a little bit larger knotholes than the prime lumber. Sergio gave me a $278US price for the non-prime lumber. Much better!

Am I foolish for fixing Chito and Alty's porch?
You may feel that for a person in my somewhat meager financial position, I should not be fixing Chito and Alty's house. Why am I doing this? Let me tell you OK?

Do you remember that a few weeks ago I found that the porch roof was being held in place by only a rope? I was alarmed. Hurricanes regularly come thru Santa Rosalia. A hurricane knocked down Chito's huge tree just a few years ago. If a hurricane came thru with the porch being held in place with only a rope, the entire roof of the house could be pulled away and go flying off into the sky. Chito and Alty could lose their entire home. It appears as though I will spend $670US for this repair job, labor and materials. I feel pretty good about paying for this repair. Perhaps this money might very well save the home.

Readers help with porch repairs.
So far $144 has been donated by readers to help with repairing Chito and Alty's porch. Everybody on The Team thanks those readers who have helped us!

If you wish to help too, there is a donation link way down at the bottom of this blog page, OK?


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