Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Staying happy when coming to the end.
You know that I will be heading north shortly after Chito and Alty's Porch Project is completed. I've received several emails wondering if I will miss Santa Rosalia and Hill Camp? This subject is a fascinating one for me.

How do I keep excited and happy, right to the end of being in this place that I love? I certainly do not want to feel regretful now. That would spoil things.

My goal that I made on my birthday for this, my 68th year works for me. I stay in the now, and do not project myself into the future or past. How I do this? Whatever I am doing, I try to hear what is going on around me. Also feel the coolness or the warmth of the air. I stay conscious of all my senses. Hearing, seeing, feeling, tasting and smelling. Maybe that’s why little kids are usually so happy when they are playing? Never worrying about tomorrow, little kids only live in today.

Impossible for me to be feeling regretful when living in the now.

9AM - Day No. 3 Chito and Alty Porch Project.
Lassie had escaped and was running all around the place. When carpenters Chuy and Javier drove up, of course Lassie wanted to play with them. The only thing is, that Lassie is sooooo big and barks a lot. It is hard to focus on Lassie's friendly tail wag while all that barking is going on and he is jumping on you!

Today is the day much of the porch floorboards go down. First the old rotten floor must be lifted off. Then new 2x4 cross supports nailed on because as you saw yesterday, the old cross supports were in very bad shape.

Next thing came the laying of the floor. The more porch floor was laid, the better everything looked.

DayThreeA03-29-2006Copy DayThreeB03-29-2006Copy DayThreeC03-29-2006Copy

DayThreeD03-29-2006Copy DayThreeE03-29-2006Copy DayThreeF03-29-2006Copy

3PM - A word from Mr. Mavica.
Dear reader friends,
I had a real hard time this morning with taking pics. I just could not handle the light today.

After putting up this post, reader friend Royal wrote an email suggesting that my lens was dirty. George looked at the lens with a strong magnifying glass. My lens is all scratched up! One of the girls from next door borrowed me, and may have touched the lens.

Anyway, I am ruined now, and cannot take decent pictures anymore. We will have to return to the USA and get a replacement camera. Until then, I am soooooo sorry for my pics.

4PM - A terrible thing.
I found a website that was a forum about repairing cameras. A post asked for help with a scratched lens. It was advised that toothpaste works great, and a woman poster said that the exact camera that I use had its lens scratches removed by polishing with toothpaste.

Unfortunately disaster struck. Now Mr. Mavica is almost blind! Take a look at his pic below!!


Mr. Mavica can no longer focus.

6PM - What to do?
Poor Mr. Mavica felt sooooo bad! We both walked all over town shopping for a temporary camera. Neither of us could make a decision!

We walked back to Hill Camp, and turned on Ms. GQ and opened up our email. Maybe the answer would be in there?! Sure enough, we received the following message:

On 29 Mar 2006 at 19:45, Martha B wrote:
Hi George,
Please keep sending pics till you can have Mr. Mavica repaired or get a new little Mavica. Keep on clicking.

Of course! Martha is absolutely right !!

7PM - The Camera Store.
Mr. Mavica and I walked down to El Centro and bought a digital camera at the Fotografica Mart. We call the camera, Mavicito. Both Mr. Mavica and I believe that Mavicito will do a very good job.


Mavicito taking a test pic of Jorge in the camera store.

7:30PM - Chuyita's Hot Dogs.
Mr. Mavica, Mavicito and I walked down to Chuyita's and I ordered a Salchicha (bacon wrapped hotdog) with the works. While I was eating, one of the guys at Chuyita's offered to take my pic with Mavicito.


Mavicito catches Jorge eating a hotdog at Chuyita’s.


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