Thursday, April 06, 2006

4AM - Understanding thumbnails.
Dear Reader friend,
Yesterday's 11AM post titled “Problems with pics” described my dilemma with pics that are published in my blog. There were things that I did not understand. As a result of that post, you wrote to me with suggestions and answers to my picture taking problems.

Thank you soooooo much for explaining to me about thumbnails. Until you wrote me, I did not understand that the thumbnail was a greatly reduced image. Wow! This morning I woke and it pre-dawned on me that I was reducing the image quality of my pics when I did not have to!

You should see a BIG increase in the quality of Little Mavicito’s pics from now on. Yesterday's panorama of our El Rosario Camp is being republished to increase its quality.

7:30AM - Mama Espinosa's for breakfast.
Jorge was going to prepare breakfast in MsTioga's kitchen. However, Little Mavicito insisted on going to Mama Espinosa's for breakfast. Who could deny Little Mavicito?

We walked around the corner from our Camp to the restaurant. Mavicito has taken to hanging from his own shoulder strap, in order to be safe.

We took a nice panorama of Mama Espinosa's from in front of the restaurant. Then went inside. Jorge ordered “Machaca de el region”. While we were waiting for the food to be prepared, Little Mavicito took a panorama of the inside.

Jorge and Little Mavicito recommend Mama Espinosa's Restaurante. It is not cheap, but it is not expensive either. The food and the atmosphere are wonderul.

MamaEspinoza04-06-2006PanoramaOutside Copy

EspinozaInside04-06-2006Panorama Copy

2PM - The bicycle shop.
Mr. Trek has a fast leak in his rear tire that has been getting worse. Also, this tire has a bald spot. When we reached the Pueblo of San Quintin, a man on the street directed us to Bicicletas Cardenas. Mr. Trek now has a new tire and tube. $15US.

BicicletaCardenas04-06-2006 001 Copy BicicletaCardenas04-06-2006 002 Copy

Bicicletas Cardenas and Señor Cardenas who did the work.

3PM - The Pueblo of San Quintin.
We stopped for cash at the HSBC Bank. Afterwards, we pulled around the corner and made a Camp here in San Quintin for the nite. This is our first Camp in this Pueblo.

About a block away from our Camp is a Mexican Army base. A band is playing. Little Mavicito wanted to go see this band, but a guard at the entrance to the parade field told us that it was not allowed for civilians to enter.

Little Mavicito tells all.
Little Mavicito and Jorge have received a ton of email from readers asking about our new panorama pics. Also, we have learned new things recently about the pics that we publish on our blog.

Little Mavicito and Jorge promise to get together in the next few days and publish a MsTioga Magazine story about our pic experience. Especially about panoramas, OK?


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