Saturday, April 29, 2006

8AM - The Tunnel.
The plan for this morning was to head into the Town of Springdale, do laundry and then go thru the tunnel. But everybody was sooooo anxious to go thru the tunnel. And also, we wanted to go on the hike up to the spectacular Canyon Overlook. We decided to forget the laundry.

MsTioga bought a pass thru the tunnel. The pass costs $15, and allows MsTioga to drive thru the tunnel straddling the double center line. The tunnel was built a long time ago, and is too small to drive the normal way.

9AM - Breakfast Camped beyond the tunnel.
We went thru the tunnel. It was very dark. There are no lites in that tunnel. MsTioga put on her brite lites, and that worked pretty good.

When we got to the other side of the tunnel, we found that the Canyon Overlook trail begins right there! So, we drove up a bit until we came to a level place with a pullout, and made our Breakfast Camp. After breakfast, we will go on the Canyon Overlook hike.

10AM - Canyon Overlook Trail.
This trail begins a few feet away from the east side of the tunnel.

TunnelView04-29-2006 Copy

East side of tunnel.

The trail is not very difficult. There are some steep cliffs, but railings are in these places. When we reached the end of the trail, the view was spectacular!

In the panorama pic below, do you see the road snaking up on the lower left? The tunnel, impossible as it may seem, is bored thru the canyon wall on the left.

CanyonOverlookZionPineCreek04-29-2006 Copy

View down Pine Creek Canyon with Zion Canyon in the distance.

1PM - Eastern Zion.
The canyon thru the east part of Zion Park is different, and even more unusual than grand Zion Canyon. We seem closer to the rock canyon walls. Little Mavicito got excited when he saw the curving rock in the pic below.

CurvingRock04-29-2006 Copy

Curving rock.

1:30PM - Goodbye Zion.
We have come to the end of our Zion adventure. Everybody on The Team had a great time! Did you like it too?

LeavingZion04-29-2006 Copy


4PM - Dixie National Forest.
We had been looking for a road into Dixie National Forest. However, Hwy #89 did not appear to have anything but private land along its route. So, we turned west on Hwy #14, which heads toward Cedar Breaks National Monument. Cedar Breaks will not open from its winter closing until late May.

We plan to Camp the nite here along Hwy #14. There is not too much traffic. We will have to see how things go later on.

In the pic below of our Nite Camp, we are able to see snow on the mountain peaks in the distance. Do you see the snow?

NiteCampHwy14_04-29-2006 Copy

Highway #14 Nite Camp.


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