Wednesday, April 26, 2006

9AM - About Zion National Park.
We on The Team have talked about Zion. We believe that the shuttle system that is in use here in Zion is a fantastic idea. The free shuttles, keep most of the traffic outside of the Park. What serenity this brings. We love it.

The shuttle buses begin service at 5:45AM and continue to 11PM. The service runs into the Town of Springdale, so you do not even have to drive from your campground to shop. Just catch a shuttle, do your shopping, and shuttle back.

Inside Zion Park, the shuttles take you to all the places within the canyon. Service brings the next shuttle soooo fast. Sometimes as quickly as only six minutes!

ShuttleZion04-26-2006 Copy

Zion double bus shuttle passing South Campground.

10AM - Campground half empty.
We are surprised at how many spaces are unfilled here at South Campground. All of these empty spaces, and this is a marvelous time of the year to visit Zion too. The average temperature during April is only 73°F. A perfect temp. In May the temp rises to 83°F and in June to 93°F. Wow!

SouthCampground04-26-2006 Copy

Look at all the empty spaces!

10:30AM - Shawn and Keith.
Yesterday afternoon, I met brothers Shawn and Keith down by the Virgin River near Camp. We seemed to hit it off. They even sang a song for me that they wrote. Keith singing and Shawn playing his guitar. Yesterday evening the brothers invited me to their campfire for smores.


Shawn and Keith of Utah.

11AM - Court of the Patriarchs.
Mavicito and George took the shuttle up to the Court of the Patriarch's shuttle stop. A short steep path goes up to an observation point a few hundred feet above the road.

These peaks were named for the three towering figures of the Old Testament; Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Frederick Fisher, a methodist minister gave the biblical names to these mountain peaks.

Patriarchs04-26-2006 Copy

Abraham, Isaac and Jacob peaks.

3PM - Mr. Trek goes to town.
We decided to explore the Town of Springdale. On the way thru the Visitor's Center area, we were very suprised to find a pretty good size grocery, with a ton of stuff to buy!

Market04-26-2006 Copy

The Market at the Zion Park Visitor's Center.

3:30PM - Town of Springdale.
We had forgotten what a cute town Springdale is, and how many things there are for visitors. A bank, several restaurants, lots of stores.

SpringdaleDowntown04-26-2006 Copy

Downtown Springdale.

Bumbleberry Pie!
There was a sign posted at the Bumbleberry Restaurant in Springdale, boasting “The World's Best Bumbleberry Pie.” Wow! We just had to go in and taste the world's best, right?

While eating the world's best bumbleberry pie, with ice cream and a glass of milk, the pic below shows what we saw out the window. Everyplace that you look is gorgeous around here.

Bumbleberry04-26-2006 Copy

View out Bumbleberry Restaurant.

5PM - The Pa'rus Trail.
We caught the Town Shuttle back into Zion Park. Mr. Trek traveled up front, outside on the bike rack! Pretty neat, huh?

Then we caught the Park shuttle to the Canyon-Junction stop. The Pa'rus Trail goes from the Junction all the way down to our Camp at South Campground. It is a lot of fun riding Mr. Trek downhill. The trail has several little bridges that cross the Virgin River.

Little Mavicito took the pic below from the Pa’rus Trail, just as the sun was setting.

CampgroundSouthView04-26-2006 Copy

Looking south from South Campground.


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