Saturday, April 01, 2006

Sunrise - Heading north.
Everybody on The Team was up before sunrise. We watched the day beginning to break from the top of the water tank at Hill Camp. Then, we all climbed into MsTioga and headed north searching for Adventure!


8AM - Breakfast Camped near San Ignacio.
The Team stopped for breakfast. Across the highway from Camp is a little curio store that looks interesting. The store is all alone, nothing else for miles may be seen. We may browse at the store after eating.

BreakfastCamp04-01-2006 002 Copy

Jorge bought 5 small date filled empanadas (pies). Only 3 are left!

2PM - Camped in the Pueblo of Vizcaino.
The Team pulled into Vizcaino and made Camp for the nite. We need some fruit and vegetables and went into 'Mercado Baja Sur' to shop. Everything looked very nice, and we paid the cashier. However, glancing at the receipt as we left the store, a $2.50US price for one avocado glared out at us. Wow! Looking closer we found that the weight of all six produce items purchased was 1kg each. Double wow with sugar on it!

We walked back into the store, placed the bag of produce on the counter and said, 'Otra vez' (another time). It was easy to see that the clerk was very embarrassed and apologized several times. Her boss who appeared to have told her to pull this scam, just kept his head down and put a few circles on the overcharged receipt. Ms. GQ made a copy of both receipts for you to read.

As you may see, the scam receipt charged $103.50 pesos and the good receipt only $36.83 pesos. MsTioga told me that they tried this because I look like such a typical old Gringo who cannot count pesos! Man!


Tioga and George Santa Rosalia Memories.
Little Mavicito and Jorge walked around El Centro and got these pics yesterday. The file name of the pic is a description of sorts. If you hold your mouse over the pic, you will see the name. Included below are a few from past blog posts.

Without words, here are The Team's memories. Most are [Thumbnails].

WaterTankView TortilleriaSantaAgueda TercosPollito
TaqueriaPavaroti SuperMercadoCachania AnaSuperMercadoCachania
SantaBarbaraChurch Plomeria PlazaAutopartes
PanaderiaElBolea MariscosMalicha Lucky Jugos_Y_Aguas
IsssteStore_CulturalCenter Francesca EspinosaFlowersGarden
DulceriaMickey_RoadToHillCamp CarniceriaDelia Biblioteca
Alejandra Alty AnaKaren Chicho
Chito ChitosGate Chutin
Lassie ManuelVillalobos Nereyeda
Poncho Raymundo Santa
Victor SundayInTheGarden


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