Wednesday, May 31, 2006

7AM - Cleaning up.
One of the first things that MsTioga wants after coming in from the desert and mountains, is to have her tires cleaned. MsTioga hates to be looking unkept.

CleaningUp05-31-2006 001 Copy

MsTioga with spiffy tires.

9:30AM - Motosat Corporation.
The Team has been looking forward to this day for a long time. Especially, Mr. Datastorm. Because today we are visiting Motosat Corporation, where our Mr. Datastorm was born.

Motosat has been growing very fast, and needed more room. So, last November the company moved to a new and bigger location.


Motosat occupies this entire building.

MotosatFactoryFloor MotosatBoardAssy Copy MotosatQC Copy

Factory floor, board assembly and quality control.

MotosatAssyA MotosatAssyB

Assembly area for some of the larger systems.

12 Noon - Reader Van Norman.
We had a very nice visit from reader Van Norman. Van is into computers and very interested in seeing our computer workstation. We went out for lunch at Hagermann's Bakehouse Cafe in Draper, Utah.

Van is an investor in Hagermann's, and developed the bread recipes that are used at the cafe! Isn't that something?! I brought home a loaf of bread and already ate two slices! This bread is soooooo good!

VanNorman05-31-2006 001 Copy VanNorman05-31-2006 002 Copy

Van inside MsTioga and in front of Hagermann's delicious bread.

6PM - Salt Lake City The Temple.
MsTioga drove The Team downtown to look at The Temple. But there was no place for MsTioga to park. We drove back and found a place outside of the downtown area to park. Mr. Trek then drove Little Mavicito and George back to The Temple.

When we arrived, the light behind the temple was just perfect. Wow!

TempleTwo05-31-2006 Copy

The Temple.

7PM - Camped in Salt Lake City.
We are Camped for the Nite in an industrial section of Salt Lake City. Little Mavicito is working on his other pics that he took this afternoon. Would you like to see them?

CourtHouse05-31-2006 Copy SaltLakeCityDowntown05-31-2006 Copy JosephSmith05-31-2006 002 Copy

The Court House. A downtown Salt Lake City street. Joseph Smith.


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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

6:40AM - Woodland, Utah.
A beautiful sunrise came over the hill at 6:34AM, and within minutes the outside temperature began to rise from its 28°F low.

MsTioga is heading west a few miles to the Town of Woodland where she hopes that a good mechanic will fix the power steering leak. MsTioga wants all of her friends to know that she is in very good shape. All of her recent repairs were due to errors made by prior mechanics. Bolts were left loose, and that caused her engine coolant leak.

8:30AM - Tim Woodard, mechanic.
Tim Woodard is MsTioga's mechanic today. Tim says that the problem is that the high pressure hose in the power steering is leaking and needs replacement. Tim ordered a new hose which will be delivered around 2PM.

The Team is Camped in the Town of Kamas and we’ll be messing around here today until we return to Tim the mechanic this afternoon.

TimWoodard05-30-2006 Copy

MsTioga at Tim's. The shop is behind the house.

4PM - MsTioga is soooooo lucky!
Hi everybody! This is MsTioga typing at you. I am soooooo lucky! There were two leaks, not only one. The high pressure line for the power steering had a leak. But also the return line for my transmission had a loose fitting.

Tim the mechanic tightened that tranny line fitting 1/1/4 times! Wow! If we had not been looking at the power steering leak, we could have lost my transmission!!

TimWoodardAndRon05-30-2006 Copy

Ron and Tim of T.R.'s Auto Repair.

6PM - Park City Wal*Mart.
The Team has made a Supper Camp in the parking lot of the Wal*Mart at Park City, Utah. This is a beautiful place, especially so because of the snow capped mountains to the south.

8:30PM - Nite Camped in Salt Lake City.
As MsTioga zoomed down the very long hill of Hwy 80 into Salt Lake City, we caught glimpses of the snow capped mountains at the end of the canyon. There is an anticipation in this place. Something special.

We kept our eyes open for signs of working class neighborhoods. We usually find good places for MsTioga to make Camp when we see such signs. The Team is Camped in a commercial/industrial section of Salt Lake. Gorgeous snow capped mountains are the view out MsTioga's windows. Brave Little Mavicito went up on MsTioga’s roof to catch this pic for you.

SaltLakeEvening05-30-2006 Copy

Our first trip to Salt Lake City!


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Monday, May 29, 2006

5:45AM - Down the mountain.
As The Team headed west down the mountain, the outside temperature was at 19°F, which everybody agrees is the coldest we've ever experienced. Wow! Just a few days ago in the Dinosaur Monument area it was over 100°F. Inside MsTioga our temp is 72°F. Pretty comfortable!

As we drove along, Little Mavicito was taking pics as he ususally does. Things really changed as we descended the mountain.

KamasTrip05-29-2006 006 Copy KamasTripPano05-29-2006 Copy

High mountain snow to farmland pasture.

7:15AM - Town of Kamas.
The main reason for heading out from our Camp along the Duchesne River was that we are low on propane. We were very happy to find a gas station in the Town of Kamas that sells propane. However, propane selling starts at 8AM. We are Camped in a grocery parking to wait until then. It is still chilly outside. Only 39°F. We like it better cold than hot.

11AM - Wasatch Mountains Camp.
When we returned to MsTioga with our groceries, we could see that more than the usual amount of power steering fluid had dripped underneath. We asked for a mechanic recommendation at the gas station, and were referred to Tim Woodford in the Town of Woodland, Utah. We drove by, but since it is Memorial Day, the shop was closed. We will try again tomorrow morning.

We are camped in the mountains west of the Town of Woodland. There are a bunch of RVers here who are also ATV or horse owners.

WasatchCamp05-29-2006 Copy

The Team camped with a lot of friends.

6PM - Memorial Day memories.
I spent much of this afternoon watching TV movies about wars, especially “Band of Brothers”, the story of E Company, 506th Regiment, 101st Airborne by Stephen E. Ambrose. It is not possible for me to watch this story, without reflecting about how lucky I am, to be living the life that I am living. A life of peace, without war.

Below are two pics of the hills out of MsTioga's window, showing the little homes of the lucky people who live here in the Wasatch Mountains. One pic is a zoom-in closeup of the other.

WasatchCampPM05-29-2006 006 Copy WasatchCampPM05-29-2006 005 Copy

View out of MsTioga's window.


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Sunday, May 28, 2006

6:30AM - 24°F outdoors at 7,288 feet.
At dawn, the outside temperature dipped to 24°F at our 7,288 foot elevation. However, Little Mr. Wave6, our noble catalytic heater was able to keep the inside of MsTioga at 60°F. We started our forced air heater to make it a bit warmer.

The sky is mostly clear, but clouds are drifting in from the east. Mr. Sunny is hoping for enough clear sky to charge up his batteries without relying on Mr. Onan.

DuchesneRiverCamp7AM05-27-2006 Copy

Looking east for the Sun to rise at Camp Duchesne.

9AM - Cold but nice day.
The temperature is up to 38°F outside. We are guessing that we will need to keep Mr. Wave6 going pretty much fulltime. Our propane is a bit on the low side.

The Team has been thinking of going to a nearby town and trying to fillup on propane fuel. It is Sunday, and we are in Utah. So it is not clear if we will be able to buy propane today.

DuchesneRiverCamp9AMpano05-28-2006 Copy

9AM at Camp Duchesne.

11AM - Team Meeting.
MsTioga called a Team Meeting to discuss the propane situation. MsTioga pointed out that we had never really tested our propane gauges. Our propane tank has a 14 gallon capacity. We are only allowed 80% of that capacity, so that means 11.2 gallons until bone dry. MsTioga cannot remember ever filling up more than 8 gallons.

We decided to tough it out on the propane that we have. Mr. Dometic, who would be most severly tested if there were no more propane, feels confident that we will be OK.

Mr. Wave6 looks like he will be on all day and nite long. The temperature has zoomed up to 42°F outside, but Mr. Wave6 has it a comfortable 78°F inside MsTioga.

11:30AM - Fly fishermen.
Several groups of people have come to test their luck fishing in the Duchesne River since The Team has been camping here. Nobody has caught even one fish. Nobody has had even one nibble!

Two nice looking trucks drove up, with building construction signs on the doors. The guys driving these trucks pulled out their fly fishing gear. We love to watch people fly fishing. It looks so cool.

FlyFishing05-28-2006 004 Copy

Fly fishing.

7PM - Beautiful Camp Duchesne.
It has been a beautiful day at Camp Duchesne. The Sun was bright most of the day. When there were clouds, they were gorgeous clouds. From every one of MsTioga's windows is a gorgeous view.

CampDuchesne7PM05-28-2006 Copy CampDuchesneRearView05-28-2006 Copy

MsTioga at sundown [L]. View from our rear window[R].


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Saturday, May 27, 2006

5AM - MsTioga's power steering pump.
We have been keeping an eye on MsTioga's power steering pump because something is leaking there. Yesterday we cleaned the pump and the hoses to the pump with a rag. This morning it is all oily again.

There is no doubt now, that either the pump or the pump's hoses are leaking. It is a slow leak, but it has to be repaired.

2PM - Duchesne River Camp.
We have been traveling west today, heading toward the Salt Lake City area. We have some maintenance things to do in Salt Lake. However, this is the Memorial Day weekend so we do not want to arrive during the holiday. Mr. DeLorme has been looking for a nice place to make Camp.

What do you think about this forest Camp in the pic below? We are in the Ashley National Forest, and have made our Camp next to the North Fork Duchesne River.

This is a lovely green forest. Our Camp is at the 7,288 foot altitude. It is a bit windy, perhaps a storm is coming up?

DuchesneRiverCamp05-27-2006 Copy

Duchesne River Camp.

7PM - Evening at our Camp.
By the early evening we had several visitors, mostly coming to fish the Duchesne. A grandfather came to teach his young grand daughter the delights of fishing. Three young men with fly rods came and quickly vanished downriver. Two men came across the river on horseback.

DuchesneRiverCampHorsemen DuchesneRiverCamp7PM05-26-2006 Copy

View of Camp at evening.


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