Saturday, May 20, 2006

5:30AM - Leaving Town of Green River.
We are heading north on US Hwy #6 looking for a Day Camp on the desert. We want to find a nice flat quiet place, where we may do more Vertglassing. MsTioga is sooooo excited because yesterday's Vertglas test turned out soooooo shiny. It really is wonderful.

MsTioga wants to put more Vertglas on this morning. Perhaps in front, in the cabover area.

9:00AM - Vertglas Day #2.
MsTioga and George put on Vertglas on the upper part of the cabover. In the pics below, Little Mavicito is looking down at the cabover from MsTioga's roof.

MsTioga's laminate is very worn, and no gelcoat remains on the cabover. Yet look at the results!.

Vertglas05-20-2006 B Vertglas05-20-2006 BB

MsTioga gets shiny!

The unshinable slideout door.
We have tried and tried and tried, but we could not get MsTioga's large slideout door shiny. Look at the door now! Do you see the ladder in the door's reflection? The ladder that you see in the door is not a shadow. The sun is on the other side of MsTioga.

VertglasLadder05-20-2006 001 Copy

What is that reflection in the door?

10:30AM - MsTioga in the desert.
MsTioga and Little Mavicito are sending the pic below to you to let you know that; “Even in the barren desert, it is great to be living in your RV. And, there is lots to do too!”

Besides making MsTioga shiny out here in the desert, after breakfast George and Ms. GQ will reply to a bunch of email from readers!

MsTiogaInTheDesert05-20-2006 Copy

Living in your own RV is fantastic!

1PM - Dinosaurs lived here!
It's true. Dinosaurs did live here. In fact the Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry is down this road, although it does not open until the end of May.

Little Mavicito likes the pic below of our Nite Camp in the desert, because clouds passed over just as he was taking this panorama.

DinosaurCamp05-20-2006 Copy


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