Monday, May 29, 2006

5:45AM - Down the mountain.
As The Team headed west down the mountain, the outside temperature was at 19°F, which everybody agrees is the coldest we've ever experienced. Wow! Just a few days ago in the Dinosaur Monument area it was over 100°F. Inside MsTioga our temp is 72°F. Pretty comfortable!

As we drove along, Little Mavicito was taking pics as he ususally does. Things really changed as we descended the mountain.

KamasTrip05-29-2006 006 Copy KamasTripPano05-29-2006 Copy

High mountain snow to farmland pasture.

7:15AM - Town of Kamas.
The main reason for heading out from our Camp along the Duchesne River was that we are low on propane. We were very happy to find a gas station in the Town of Kamas that sells propane. However, propane selling starts at 8AM. We are Camped in a grocery parking to wait until then. It is still chilly outside. Only 39°F. We like it better cold than hot.

11AM - Wasatch Mountains Camp.
When we returned to MsTioga with our groceries, we could see that more than the usual amount of power steering fluid had dripped underneath. We asked for a mechanic recommendation at the gas station, and were referred to Tim Woodford in the Town of Woodland, Utah. We drove by, but since it is Memorial Day, the shop was closed. We will try again tomorrow morning.

We are camped in the mountains west of the Town of Woodland. There are a bunch of RVers here who are also ATV or horse owners.

WasatchCamp05-29-2006 Copy

The Team camped with a lot of friends.

6PM - Memorial Day memories.
I spent much of this afternoon watching TV movies about wars, especially “Band of Brothers”, the story of E Company, 506th Regiment, 101st Airborne by Stephen E. Ambrose. It is not possible for me to watch this story, without reflecting about how lucky I am, to be living the life that I am living. A life of peace, without war.

Below are two pics of the hills out of MsTioga's window, showing the little homes of the lucky people who live here in the Wasatch Mountains. One pic is a zoom-in closeup of the other.

WasatchCampPM05-29-2006 006 Copy WasatchCampPM05-29-2006 005 Copy

View out of MsTioga's window.


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