Saturday, May 27, 2006

5AM - MsTioga's power steering pump.
We have been keeping an eye on MsTioga's power steering pump because something is leaking there. Yesterday we cleaned the pump and the hoses to the pump with a rag. This morning it is all oily again.

There is no doubt now, that either the pump or the pump's hoses are leaking. It is a slow leak, but it has to be repaired.

2PM - Duchesne River Camp.
We have been traveling west today, heading toward the Salt Lake City area. We have some maintenance things to do in Salt Lake. However, this is the Memorial Day weekend so we do not want to arrive during the holiday. Mr. DeLorme has been looking for a nice place to make Camp.

What do you think about this forest Camp in the pic below? We are in the Ashley National Forest, and have made our Camp next to the North Fork Duchesne River.

This is a lovely green forest. Our Camp is at the 7,288 foot altitude. It is a bit windy, perhaps a storm is coming up?

DuchesneRiverCamp05-27-2006 Copy

Duchesne River Camp.

7PM - Evening at our Camp.
By the early evening we had several visitors, mostly coming to fish the Duchesne. A grandfather came to teach his young grand daughter the delights of fishing. Three young men with fly rods came and quickly vanished downriver. Two men came across the river on horseback.

DuchesneRiverCampHorsemen DuchesneRiverCamp7PM05-26-2006 Copy

View of Camp at evening.


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