Thursday, May 25, 2006

6:30AM - Dinosaur Camp Morning.
It is a gorgeous day at our Camp in Dinosaur National Monument. The hills reflected in the Green River look like sand dunes in a desert.

DinosaurCampMorning05-25-2006 Copy

9AM - Dinosaur Wall.
The main exhibit at Dinosaur National Monument is a wall containing fossilized dinosaur bones. Millions of years ago, this wall was the bottom of a sea. Thru the ages, the sea bottom was covered with sand and buried very deep. Later, the sea bottom began to rise until it broke the surface and was visible again. Evidence of this fossilization was discovered in 1909.


DinosaurQuarry05-25-2006 Copy DinosaurQuarryWall05-25-2006 Copy DinosaurQuarry05-25-2006 001 Copy

The building with the exhibit, the Wall and a friendly looking dinosaur.

10:30AM - Green River Campground.
The Team has made its Camp in the Green River Campground at Site #90. Time for breakfast!

4PM - Preventive maintenance time.
Wow! MsTioga has been getting a whole lot of attention lately. This afternoon we knocked off a several things from MsTioga's maintenance list.

One of the things that we are really proud of, is replacing the PCV Valve. Using our Chilton Ford Manual, we located this valve and replaced it with a new one. That was soooooo neat!

DinosaurCampgroundRest05-25-2006 Copy

George resting after doing the maintenance things.


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