Friday, May 26, 2006

6:30AM - Living forever on the road.
It is the firm belief of every Team Member, that if we are to live forever on the road, things have to be kept in great shape. An RV not maintained will be consumed, look run down and eventually will be of no use.

Every piece of equipment has to be treated with utmost care. With that thought in mind, we recently bought a Banks Transcommand for MsTioga's transmission. We have been concerned for sometime, that our transmission shifts are much too mushy, and that this would tend to wear out the clutch plates. This morning we will begin the installation of our Transcommand unit.

Last nite we replaced the carpet in our little toilet room. When we were in Vernal, Utah, a small piece of outdoor carpet was bought for this purpose. The pic is a bit warped because we used a panorama in order for you to see more of the toilet room. Panoramas sometimes are warped like this.

CarpetToilet05-26-2006 Copy

How does the new carpet look?

7:30AM - Vertglas report.
Yesterday evening, we put on more Vertglas in the rear of MsTioga. This morning we washed the previously Vertglassed front of MsTioga's cabover. The cabover gets the most exposure as we drive, especially from insects. Take a look at the pics of the new Vertglas and the washed cabover, OK?

Vertglas05-26-2006 001 Copy Vertglas05-26-2006 002 Copy Vertglas05-26-2006 003 Copy

How does our Vertglas look to you?

11AM - Petroglyph trail.
To the east of the campground is the location of a little trail containing wonderful petroglyphs. The trail is short, but steep. When we got to the top, Little Mavicito took a pic of MsTioga, who as usual, waited patiently for us to return.

PetroglyphsLow05-26-2006 PetroglyphsHigh05-26-2006 PetroglyphsMsTiogaView05-26-2006

Two petroglyphs rocks. High view of MsTioga from the trail.

12 Noon – Josie Bassett Morris.
A mile or so further east of the petroglyphs is the Josie Morris Homestead. Josie Morris was born in Arkansas in the 1870s, and lived in the Dinosaur area canyon 1914-1964. She settled at Cub Creek and built the cabin shown in the pics below. Josie grew or raised nearly everything she needed to live. Cattle, pigs, chickens, feed for the stock and a variety of fruits and vegetables. A spring fed creek runs near the cabin.

Josie was married, perhaps three times. She had grandchildren who often came to live at her ranch in the summertimes. During her last year at the ranch, Josie died from complications of a broken hip from a horse accident. She was in her 90s.

JosieMorrisHomestead05-26-2006 002 Copy JosieMorrisHomestead05-26-2006 004 Copy JosieMorrisHomestead05-26-2006 003 Copy JosieMorrisHomestead05-26-2006 006 Copy

Josie Bassett Morris Homestead - Cub Creek.

1:30PM - Returned to the shade of the campground.
We had intended to explore the rest of the Dinosaur Monument this afternoon. But the temperature reached to 100°F. You know that George is a California weather wimp, and melts at this high temperature!

Luckily, we were able to find a nice campsite that has shade in Green River Campground. Mr. Datastorm is able to find his space station uplink. Even Mr. Sunny's solar panels see the sunshine!

Campsite05-26-2006 Copy

Campsite #91 at Green River Campground.

11:30PM - Down to 82°F inside MsTioga.
Early this evening, a little after 8PM, the temperature inside MsTioga came down to 98°F. Slowly, it got cooler. Now it is 11:30PM and the temp is at 82°F.

The weather prediction for tomorrow is for a high of 79°F and cloudy skies. Thank God!


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