Friday, May 19, 2006

6:30AM - Mesa Arch.
We are breaking Camp early to go see and explore Mesa Arch Trail. The Team is very impressed with the love and consideration for nature and visitors that is expressed in the layout of this trail.

Steps are constructed to make it easy to walk, yet the steps blend into the feeling of this lovely place. Cairns (markers) are placed so that hikers will know where to go. The area is very fragile, and it is important not to stray off the trail and damage growing things.

MesaArchTrailSteps05-19-2006 001 Copy MesaArchTrailSteps05-19-2006 003 Copy MesaArchTrailSteps05-19-2006 Copy

Steps on the trail. Cairn with little stones placed by visitors.

Mesa Arch is an awsome monument to Mother Nature. The view thru the arch may only be told by a picture.

MesaArchOne05-19-2006 Copy

Mesa Arch.

10AM - Moab and Arches National Park.
We drove into Moab to pick up three packages that were shipped to us at the Moab Mailing Center. Then we had intended to explore Arches National Park. However, the campground in Arches was full, so we will skip Arches. We are instead heading north toward Dinosaur National Monument.

4PM - The great Vertglas experiment.
If you have been following The Adventures of Tioga and George for awhile, you know that our mission is to to share with you, our boondocking/drycamping way of life. We hope by this sharing, to encourage you to try boondocking yourself. We will also share with you ways that make RvLife easier. We will feature products that we use.

This afternoon we are sharing a before and after test of a product called Vertglas. MsTioga has been complaining that she is not shiny like other RVs. MsTioga wants to become The Poster RV for Shiny RVs. So, in the pics below we show you before and after Vertglas pics. Only a small section of MsTioga was tested with Vertglas, so that we could easily see the difference. What do you think? Hmmmmm?

The application procedure was pretty easy. You may read about at the instructions at this Vertglas link.

Vertglas05-19-2006 002 Copy Vertglas05-19-2006 005 Copy Vertglas05-19-2006 003 Copy Vertglas05-19-2006 004 Copy

Vertglas-Before and after test on MsTioga.

5PM - Ken, Marie and Valentine.
We met Ken walking his doggie whose name is Valentine behind the truck stop where we are Camped. Ken and his wife Marie are truck drivers for Interstate Trucking Company and this afternoon they are taking a load to Denver, Colorado.

Ken and Marie have strict governmental guidelines. They have to work 10 hours within a 14 hour day, and then the must not drive for following 10 hours. This is hard to do, they both say.

Ken and Marie stay in touch with company using a satellite receiver setup made by Qualcomm. Below is a pic of the receiver/keyboard and the rather tiny external satellite antenna. Really small compared to Mr. Datastorm's antenna.

KenMarieValentine05-19-2006 007 Copy KenMarieValentine05-19-2006 002 Copy KenMarieValentine05-19-2006 004 Copy KenMarieValentine05-19-2006 006 Copy

Ken, Marie and Valentine. Truckers on the road.

8:30PM - Sundown at the Green River Truck Stop.
The Team does not usually stay at truck stops. The Big Rigs often run their diesel engines all nite, and we on The Team like quiet when we sleep. But MsTioga says that she enjoys sometimes staying over with the Big Rigs. Everybody else wonders why? But MsTioga isn't talking.

GreenRiverTruckStop05-19-2006 Copy

MsTioga and The Big Rigs at Green River Truck Stop.

10:30PM - Too much engine noise.
As the nite grew later, more and more trucks arrived at the truck stop. Soon the engine noise was too loud to sleep. We moved about a 1/2 mile east and found an empty lot with some construction equipment and made our Nite Camp here. It is sooooooo quiet!


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