Tuesday, May 30, 2006

6:40AM - Woodland, Utah.
A beautiful sunrise came over the hill at 6:34AM, and within minutes the outside temperature began to rise from its 28°F low.

MsTioga is heading west a few miles to the Town of Woodland where she hopes that a good mechanic will fix the power steering leak. MsTioga wants all of her friends to know that she is in very good shape. All of her recent repairs were due to errors made by prior mechanics. Bolts were left loose, and that caused her engine coolant leak.

8:30AM - Tim Woodard, mechanic.
Tim Woodard is MsTioga's mechanic today. Tim says that the problem is that the high pressure hose in the power steering is leaking and needs replacement. Tim ordered a new hose which will be delivered around 2PM.

The Team is Camped in the Town of Kamas and we’ll be messing around here today until we return to Tim the mechanic this afternoon.

TimWoodard05-30-2006 Copy

MsTioga at Tim's. The shop is behind the house.

4PM - MsTioga is soooooo lucky!
Hi everybody! This is MsTioga typing at you. I am soooooo lucky! There were two leaks, not only one. The high pressure line for the power steering had a leak. But also the return line for my transmission had a loose fitting.

Tim the mechanic tightened that tranny line fitting 1/1/4 times! Wow! If we had not been looking at the power steering leak, we could have lost my transmission!!

TimWoodardAndRon05-30-2006 Copy

Ron and Tim of T.R.'s Auto Repair.

6PM - Park City Wal*Mart.
The Team has made a Supper Camp in the parking lot of the Wal*Mart at Park City, Utah. This is a beautiful place, especially so because of the snow capped mountains to the south.

8:30PM - Nite Camped in Salt Lake City.
As MsTioga zoomed down the very long hill of Hwy 80 into Salt Lake City, we caught glimpses of the snow capped mountains at the end of the canyon. There is an anticipation in this place. Something special.

We kept our eyes open for signs of working class neighborhoods. We usually find good places for MsTioga to make Camp when we see such signs. The Team is Camped in a commercial/industrial section of Salt Lake. Gorgeous snow capped mountains are the view out MsTioga's windows. Brave Little Mavicito went up on MsTioga’s roof to catch this pic for you.

SaltLakeEvening05-30-2006 Copy

Our first trip to Salt Lake City!


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