Monday, May 01, 2006

6:45AM - Subtle shade of sunrise.
It is cold, only 32°F this morning. Little Mavicito and George have gone to the canyon rim to view sunrise. In the pic below, George is wearing his winter coat for the first time this year.

SunriseBryce05-01-2006 Copy

Sunrise at Bryce.

9AM - Little Mavicito won't go on a horse!
Storm clouds have blown in, and it is raining. Little Mavicito refuses to go on a horse down into Bryce Canyon. Especially if it is raining. So, we are not going on that horse tour today.

Instead, MsTioga is driving us to Rainbow Point!

10AM - Mother Nature at Rainbow Point.
When MsTioga pulled up at Rainbow Point, there was a huge storm! Mother Nature was really showing her stuff. Lightning was flashing, and thunder booming. Really close too!

Little Mavicito went into the Rainbow Point log shelter, to take the pic below. Do you see that the rain is below us! Wow!

RainbowPoint05-01-2006 Copy

Stormy view from the shelter at Rainbow Point.

12 Noon - Mr. Datastorm refused to go up when there's lightning!
Some of the Team Members are soooooo willful today. Now Mr. Datastorm won't go up!

It is stormy, rainy, even snow is falling. What should we do? MsTioga suggested making some soup! What a great idea.

RainbowPointSnowSoup05-01-2006 001 Copy

How about Clam Chowder on a stormy day?

2PM - Agua Canyon.
After two hours went by, and the storm kept going on, we decided to head back. After we left Rainbow Point, the first place that we came to was Agua Canyon.

AguaCanyon05-01-2006 001 Copy

Agua Canyon at 8,800 foot elevation.

There was a giant hoodoo at Agua Canyon! With some small trees growing on top!!

AguaCanyon05-01-2006 007 Copy

What a big hoodoo!


Do you see the big hoodoo in this panorama?

2:30PM - Natural Bridge.
A little bit down the road, we came to Natural Bridge.

NaturalBridges05-01-2006 001 Copy

An informative sign told us that the bridge is really an arch which was formed when erosion provided a tunnel thru the wall. Little Mavicito apologizes for losing the bottom part of the Natural Bridge panorama. He says, “I don't know where the bottom went?”


Natural Bridge in Bryce Canyon.

5PM - Back in North Campground.
Early this morning, George went out and caulked up the outside seams in MsTioga's cabover. Some sections of these seams had opened up over the past year. Wow! Are we lucky. Because it has been raining hard for much of the day.

The rain has been coming down pretty steady for well over an hour here at the campground. Outside, it is 40°F. But inside MsTioga, it is a snuggly 72°F. Mr. Wave6, our noble catalytic heater, has been on the job all day long! We love that little guy!


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