Wednesday, May 24, 2006

7:30AM - A fine morning in Roosevelt, Utah.
MsTioga is ready, and the The Team is ready too! Ready for MsTioga to be back in fine shape today!

RooseveltMorning05-24-2006 001 Copy

The Team at Jubal's.

10:30AM - Timing chain cover.
MsTioga decided that since her old timing chain was right there, might as well replace it. So that is what we did. One less thing to worry about, right?

In order to replace the timing chain cover, all of the old gasket material must be removed. A hard job! Everything seems to be going fine this morning.

TimingChainCover05-24-2006 002 Copy

Coming right along with a new timing chain.

4PM - MsTioga's repairs are complete!
MsTioga's engine is completely repaired, and as you may see from the pic below, all reassembled! It is a shame that all of these repairs had to be made as a result of another mechanic not properly tightening the bolts which secure our waterpump. MsTioga says, "Well, this happens sometimes."

We are now heading east toward the City of Vernal, Utah.

JubalCompletes05-24-2006 Copy

MsTioga's powerful engine, completely repaired.

5:30PM - Vernal, Utah.
We are Afternoon Camped in the City of Vernal. Our plan is to spend the nite here. In the morning, we will look for adventure in Dinosaur National Monument. That should be exciting!

8:15PM - On the road to Dinosaur.
We had a Team Meeting after supper, and it was decided to make a break for a wild place to spend the nite.

We have made our Nite Camp on the road to Dinosaur National Monument. MsTioga spotted a construction area with no vehicles, and we pulled over and made a fantastic Nite Camp. Guess what is right alongside? It is the mighty Green River! Really!

We know that it is a miracle that we find soooooo many free wonderful camps, such as this one along the mighty Green River. What can we tell you?! The Team is very, very lucky. And maybe blessed too!

DinosaurGreenRiver05-24-2006 Copy

The Green River flows beside our Nite Camp.


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