Wednesday, May 31, 2006

7AM - Cleaning up.
One of the first things that MsTioga wants after coming in from the desert and mountains, is to have her tires cleaned. MsTioga hates to be looking unkept.

CleaningUp05-31-2006 001 Copy

MsTioga with spiffy tires.

9:30AM - Motosat Corporation.
The Team has been looking forward to this day for a long time. Especially, Mr. Datastorm. Because today we are visiting Motosat Corporation, where our Mr. Datastorm was born.

Motosat has been growing very fast, and needed more room. So, last November the company moved to a new and bigger location.


Motosat occupies this entire building.

MotosatFactoryFloor MotosatBoardAssy Copy MotosatQC Copy

Factory floor, board assembly and quality control.

MotosatAssyA MotosatAssyB

Assembly area for some of the larger systems.

12 Noon - Reader Van Norman.
We had a very nice visit from reader Van Norman. Van is into computers and very interested in seeing our computer workstation. We went out for lunch at Hagermann's Bakehouse Cafe in Draper, Utah.

Van is an investor in Hagermann's, and developed the bread recipes that are used at the cafe! Isn't that something?! I brought home a loaf of bread and already ate two slices! This bread is soooooo good!

VanNorman05-31-2006 001 Copy VanNorman05-31-2006 002 Copy

Van inside MsTioga and in front of Hagermann's delicious bread.

6PM - Salt Lake City The Temple.
MsTioga drove The Team downtown to look at The Temple. But there was no place for MsTioga to park. We drove back and found a place outside of the downtown area to park. Mr. Trek then drove Little Mavicito and George back to The Temple.

When we arrived, the light behind the temple was just perfect. Wow!

TempleTwo05-31-2006 Copy

The Temple.

7PM - Camped in Salt Lake City.
We are Camped for the Nite in an industrial section of Salt Lake City. Little Mavicito is working on his other pics that he took this afternoon. Would you like to see them?

CourtHouse05-31-2006 Copy SaltLakeCityDowntown05-31-2006 Copy JosephSmith05-31-2006 002 Copy

The Court House. A downtown Salt Lake City street. Joseph Smith.


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