Thursday, May 18, 2006

7AM - Going to Grand View.
This morning we will be heading south to view the overlook at Grand View Point. A few readers have sent emails urging us not to miss Grand View.

9AM - Day Camped at Grand View Point.
It is the tremendous amount of erosion, and the sharpness of the way this erosion looks that is the fascinating thing about Island in the Sky here in Canyonlands National Park. The pics below were taken from the overlook point. There is a Rim Walk that we will take after breakfast.

GrandViewPoint05-18-2006 Copy GrandViewPointCloser05-18-2006 Copy

Grand View Point. The pic on the right is a slightly closer view.

1:00PM - Rim Walk.
There are some really good things about having MsTioga along after a nice hike. Taking off the boots and socks, getting ice cold water from Mr. Dometic and lying down on my own sweet bed for a rest. Most others just have their car to go back to. It is not the same!

The Rim Trail went all the way over to the Green River canyon, about a mile east of the Grand View Point Overlook. Little Mavicito was able to see the Green River! Are you able to see it too?

GreenRiver05-18-2006 Copy

Green River from the Rim Trail at Grand View Point Overlook.

3PM - Buck Canyon.
When we came to Buck Canyon Overlook, we found Buck the Bird, the little begger. Little Mavicito took lovely pics of Buck Canyon and of course, Buck the Bird.

BuckTheBird05-18-2006 Copy BuckCanyonOverlook05-18-2006 Copy

4PM - Bob and Donna.
We went up to the Visitor's Center for a little bit. On the way back to the campground, there seemed to be a truck following us. We thought that maybe these people in the truck were looking for a site in the campground, so we stopped to say “Hi.”

It turned out that readers Bob and Donna were in that truck. Isn't it something that we meet readers of our Blog everywhere?! Bac k in the campground, the three of us talked for about an hour.

BobAndDonna05-18-2006 Copy

Readers Bob and Donna.

7PM - Upheaval Dome.
Upheaval Dome is a mysterious crater like looking place. Nobody knows what caused the upheaval. Some scientists say meteor. Others claim that it's a salt dome. Some say volcanic in origin.

On the way to Upheaval Dome, Little Mavicito spotted an interesting place. We call this place Middle Canyon, which we liked because of the mysterious and dark rock formations in the middle

MiddleCanyon05-18-2006 Copy UpheavalDomeTwo05-18-2006 Copy

Middle Canyon (left) and Upheaval Dome.


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