Friday, June 30, 2006

5AM - Problems with rangers.
We are very respectful of rules inside the National Parks. Not only because they are rules, but because we agree with the reason behind those rules which is to protect the National Parks.

Yesterday a volunteer ranger took exception to MsTioga staying in the trailhead parking area after dark. We pointed out that we paid for a campsite in the campground. But the ranger was not happy with that. He wanted us to be in the campground. So we moved into the campground.

Mr. Datastorm cannot go online in our campsite because of the trees. So this morning we moved back to the trailhead parking area. We expect problems from this ranger. But we firmly believe that MsTioga is within the rules parking here.

Little Mavicito took the pic below at 5:30AM showing MsTioga parked at the trailhead area.


Cut Bank at dawn.

Glacier Park webcams!
Did you know that Glacier’s National Park Service has a bunch of webcams that publish pictures all day long? Take a peek, OK?
Glacier Park Webcams

9AM - Ranger Michelle Rosette.
A young lady ranger came to talk to me to find out if I was properly camping at nite in the campground or improperly camping in the trailhead parking area. After that was straightened out, we went hiking together for a short ways on the trail toward Atlantic Creek Campground.

Ranger Michelle is a bear specialist, and her main job is to protect bears. We came upon what the Ranger called a bear tree. She pointed out the hairs left by a grizzly bear that were now embedded in the tree’s bark. The Ranger suggested that I should carry pepper spray and said that she has used it many times while in the forest!

10AM - North Fork Cut Bank Creek.
Little Mavicito and George said goodbye to Ranger Michelle and we took a trail which led down to North Fork Cut Bank Creek. Little Mavicito took some nice pics of the creek, one from creekside and the other from high above the creek. In the high creek pic, are you able to see where the creek flows down out of the mountains?

CutBankHikeCreekA06-30-2006 CutBankHikeCreekB06-30-2006

North Fork Cut Bank Creek.


Nite Camp Location

Thursday, June 29, 2006

7AM - Cut Bank campground.
We are going south this morning toward Cut Bank campground. According to the Visitor Guide, Cut Bank campground is “Accessible only by dirt road, large units not recommended. Primitive camping only.” Sounds perfect to MsTioga and The Team!

We headed out of our Many Glacier campsite early in order to use the campground's dump station which was out of order until late yesterday. MsTioga filled her fresh water tank at the station and we then made a Morning Camp at the picnic area a short distance away. George wants to take a shower and eat breakfast in this nice place.

Mr. Sunny is a bit grumpy because the weather is pretty cloudy this morning and his solar panels are barely producing any power!

GrinnellPicnicAreaA06-289-2006 Copy

George and MsTioga in Grinnell picnic area.

2PM - Arrived at Cut Bank campground.
This campground has been designed so that camping here in RVs over 20 feet is difficult. However, MsTioga fit herself in a very nice flat spot exposed to the southwest so that Mr. Sunny may receive sun during the late morning and all afternoon.

The sprightly North Fork Cut Bank Creek is just below the campground. There are lovely mountains.. The green fields are filled with many different colors of flowers. We have paid for a two day stay!

CutBankCampground06-29-2006 Copy

Our Day Camp site in Cut Bank campground.

4PM - Ms. GQ found a great Glacier National Park website for you.
Ms. GQ our hardworking laptop computer found a nice Glacier website that gives loads of campground info. Take a peek, OK?
Glacier National Park Campground Status


Google Map Link

Google Earth Link

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

8AM - Redrock Falls hike.
The plan for this morning is to hike up the Swiftcurrent Pass trail to Redrock Falls. The only thing is, that the Sun has not yet cleared the trees and the temperature is already at 70°F!! You know that George is a weather wimp. Will he be able to hike to Redrock Falls, about 2 miles up the trail? Hmmmmm?

11AM - We made it!
The hike to Red Rock falls was really great. Some other hikers saw a bear with two cubs. We did not see these bears, but we saw one bear scat right on the trail!

The trail to the falls is mostly in the shade. We liked that. We walked over two bridges that cross small creeks. After the last bridge, we could hear the thundering falls. In the pic below on the right, is our first view of Red Rock Falls from across Red Rock Lake. Doesn’t it look as though the water is coming right out of the rocks?

RedRockFallsBridgeA06-28-2006 Copy RedRockFallsBridgeB06-28-2006 Copy RedRockFallsFirstView06-28-2006

Red Rock Falls is a big drop, and really gorgeous. In the pics below, Little Mavicito shows the falls from below, above, and a view looking in the direction of our campground. This last view was from the top of the falls.

RedRockFallsTwo06-28-2006 Copy RedRockFallsUpper06-28-2006 Copy RedRockFallsViewReturn06-28-2006 Copy

8PM - John and Jeff.
John is a reader of our blog and has a campsite just across the road from our camp in Many Glacier campground. John's son Jeff is camping with him. The three of us went to eat supper at the Italian Garden restaurant that is located just about 100 yards from us. Very convenient!

When we got back to MsTioga, our neighbor came over and told us that a grizzly bear and her two cubs walked right passed MsTioga and thru a ranger led program that was going on. He said that everybody attending this program scattered when the bears walked thru.

Darn! We missed that excitement!!


John and his son Jeff visiting The Team.


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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

5:30AM - Today’s hike.
In yesterday's post we wrote about hiking to Grinnell Glacier. However, this morning after reading our trail guide, a hike around Swiftcurrent Lake seemed more attractive.

8AM - Breakfast at the trailhead.
The Grinnell trailhead has a picnic area where we ate a very nice breakfast before heading up the trail. Eggs, sausage, bacon, bagel, apple juice and a fresh pear.

9AM to 11AM - Hike to Lake Josephine.
There are two lakes on this hike. First comes Swiftcurrent Lake and then Lake Josephine. The lakes around Glacier have that spectacular color that comes from being fed sediment filled water from glacier melt. This sediment is held in suspension and reflects the sunlight.

You may ride a boat from the hotel on Swiftwater Lake, offboard at the far end of the lake and walk to Lake Josephine and get aboard another boat to complete your tour. Today a ranger was giving a talk on the boat. We met the wonderful Grant family at Lake Josephine who may want to become fulltime RVers!

GrinnellSwiftcurrenCreek06-27-2006 GrinnellSwiftCurrentLakeHotel06-27-2006 Copy

Swiftcurrent Creek bridge (left) and Swiftcurrent Lake and hotel (right).

GrinnellJosephineLake06-27-2006 GrinnellGrantsJosephineLake06-27-2006

Lake Josephine (left) and The Grant family of Indianapolis.

2PM - Swell site in campground!
We have found a really great place in the campground for our 2nd nite here. Site #31 is in the full sun for Mr. Sunny and has a clear shot at the space station for Mr. Datastorm. It is amazing that more people are not here enjoying Glacier Park in June. The weather is mild, only in the 80°F range this afternoon.


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Monday, June 26, 2006

7AM - Red Eagle Lake trail.
We left our Rising Sun Campground site and moved to the trailhead of Red Eagle Lake. The old 1913 Ranger Station is here too, and Little Mavicito wants to take a peek.

Old1913RangerStation06-26-2006 Copy

Rising Sun ranger station built in 1913.

A toad vs. an RV for a tour base.
There are some advantages for using a toad for a tour base. Toads are small, easy to manuever and as in the case of Glacier Park, able to travel over Going to the Sun Road (which has a 21 foot length limit). Many toads are 4WD and able to drive on roads that an RV could not manage. Toads usually may drive much faster over rough roads than a lumbering RV.

Of course as you may imagine, we on The Team much prefer using MsTioga for our tour base. Take this morning for example. MsTioga is Morning Camped at the Red Eagle Lake trailhead. Everything is here with us! Our food, toilet, clothes, kitchen, refrigerator. Everything! It is so very comfortable. No need to go hiking as soon as we arrive. No. We may go online and write to you, as we are doing now. Or, we may eat breakfast, watch the news on TV, take a nap in our own bed.

Note: A toad is a popular play-on-words for a towed vehicle.

5PM - Many Glacier.
Early this afternoon, we decided to drive to Many Glacier campground. We have been at Many Glacier for about three hours. Mr. Datastorm was not able to find his space station here in all that time! Finally, after trying several different locations, we drove out of Glacier Park where the mountains to the south are not so high. Still Mr. Datastorm could not get online! We tried recalibrating Mr. Datastorm's dish, and Mr. Datastorm seems to be OK now.

We are going back inside the park to Many Glacier campground again, and let Mr. Datastorm try once more to find his space station. Wish him luck, OK?

6PM - Mr. Datastorm found it!
We are back near the Many Glacier campground and parked in front of the Swiftcurrent Motor Inn. Mr. Datastorm found his space station from here! We are sooooo happy. Tomorrow we wanted to try to hike up the Grinnell Glacier, and now we will be able to do it.

Many Glacier - Then and now.
Old Mr. Mavica took a pic of the mountain south of Many Glacier campground in June, 2004. This afternoon, Little Mavicito took a pic of the same mountain today, in June, 2006. What a difference in the snow!

ManyGlacier06-26-2006 Copy

Left - June, 2004. Right - June, 2006.

9PM - Site #115 in Many Glacier campground.
We like our campsite in Many Glacier campground. Even Mr. Datastorm says that he likes it, because although there are trees everywhere, Mr. Datastorm sees his space station right thru those trees!

MrDatastormManyGlacier06-26-2006 Copy

Yes! For our Mr. Datastorm!


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Sunday, June 25, 2006

8AM - Ms. GQ and Mr. Chips.
Ms. GQ is our laptop computer. We use Ms. GQ everyday for publishing our blog and all our other computer work. Mr. Chips is our desktop computer, and is a duplicate of Ms.GQ. If anything should go wrong with Ms. GQ, we would be able to switch over to Mr. Chips and everything would go on perfect.

This means that we have to backup regularly. Lately we have been thinking about backing up, but have not been doing it. As you may have found out, this is a very bad attitude. Computers seem to know about these kinds of things, and that is exactly the time that they start to be stubborn. So this morning we went to do backups. However, there were a few programs that we use everyday that were not also on Mr. Chips. For some reason, it took two hours of messing around this morning to get these two programs transferred. Wow!

10AM - Going on a hike in Glacier Park.
We have not figured out where to go for our first hike here in Glacier Park. So, Little Mavicito and George are going to poke around and explore.

We went to the General Store which is a short walk from our campsite, and bought a book! It's called, “Hiking Glacier and Waterton Lakes National Parks.” There is a lot of stuff to see. But we are not in a hurry, because wherever we are, we are home. The Team may stay in Glacier for a week, two weeks, a month or more.

12 Noon - Sun Point Nature Trail.
We had a Team Meeting and everybody gathered around to read our new hiking book. A vote was taken to first visit Sun Point Nature Trail. This trail begins in the Sun Point Parking area, and is as far as MsTioga may travel east on Going to the Sun Road. MsTioga is too long at 27 feet. The rules state, “ vehicle over 21 feet long may go passed here on Going to the Sun Road.

MsTioga drove to Sun Point and we made a Day Camp. The mountains are sooooo tall here at Sun Point. We wondered if Mr. Datastorm could see his space station uplink over those mountains? Up Mr. Datastorm went up, and with no problem at all found his space station!

SunPointDatastorm06-25-2006 Copy

Can you believe that Mr. Datastorm looked over this huge mountain?

3PM - The Hike.
Sun Point is just a very short distance away from where MsTioga is Day Camped. This part of the hike ends on a rocky overlook of St. Mary Lake. The water of the lake is a spectacular blue-green.

SunPoint06-25-2006 Copy

View from Sun Point.

The trail to Baring Falls goes alongside St. Mary Lake. The trail is pretty level and an easy 1.5 mile round trip. George ate some peanuts below the falls while sitting next to the stream.

BaringTrail06-25-2006 Copy BaringFalls06-25-2006 Copy

Baring Falls.

Thoughts about Glacier Park.
  • The glaciers are melting and getting smaller each year. Come here soon to see them.
  • June is a wonderful month for Glacier Park. Avoid over crowding and hot days.
  • Campgrounds clear out during the early morning. Arrive early to find a site.


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