Friday, June 30, 2006

5AM - Problems with rangers.
We are very respectful of rules inside the National Parks. Not only because they are rules, but because we agree with the reason behind those rules which is to protect the National Parks.

Yesterday a volunteer ranger took exception to MsTioga staying in the trailhead parking area after dark. We pointed out that we paid for a campsite in the campground. But the ranger was not happy with that. He wanted us to be in the campground. So we moved into the campground.

Mr. Datastorm cannot go online in our campsite because of the trees. So this morning we moved back to the trailhead parking area. We expect problems from this ranger. But we firmly believe that MsTioga is within the rules parking here.

Little Mavicito took the pic below at 5:30AM showing MsTioga parked at the trailhead area.


Cut Bank at dawn.

Glacier Park webcams!
Did you know that Glacier’s National Park Service has a bunch of webcams that publish pictures all day long? Take a peek, OK?
Glacier Park Webcams

9AM - Ranger Michelle Rosette.
A young lady ranger came to talk to me to find out if I was properly camping at nite in the campground or improperly camping in the trailhead parking area. After that was straightened out, we went hiking together for a short ways on the trail toward Atlantic Creek Campground.

Ranger Michelle is a bear specialist, and her main job is to protect bears. We came upon what the Ranger called a bear tree. She pointed out the hairs left by a grizzly bear that were now embedded in the tree’s bark. The Ranger suggested that I should carry pepper spray and said that she has used it many times while in the forest!

10AM - North Fork Cut Bank Creek.
Little Mavicito and George said goodbye to Ranger Michelle and we took a trail which led down to North Fork Cut Bank Creek. Little Mavicito took some nice pics of the creek, one from creekside and the other from high above the creek. In the high creek pic, are you able to see where the creek flows down out of the mountains?

CutBankHikeCreekA06-30-2006 CutBankHikeCreekB06-30-2006

North Fork Cut Bank Creek.


Nite Camp Location