Thursday, June 15, 2006

6:30AM - The ski trail.
George and Little Mavicito went up the ski trail for their morning walk. The trail begins just behind our Camp. Of course there is no snow on this trail in June. But there are plenty of flowers!

Skitrail06-15-2006 001 Skitrail06-15-2006 002 Skitrail06-15-2006 003 Skitrail06-15-2006 004 Skitrail06-15-2006 005 Skitrail06-15-2006 006

Skidway ski trail in June, 2006.

11AM - Townsend, Montana.
The Team has made a Day Camp here at a Bureau of Reclamation campground. The mighty Missouri River flows only a few hundred yards from our Camp.

Captains Lewis and Clark passed by here on July 23rd and 24th, 1805. After breakfast (a late one today), we will explore the Corps of Discovery sites and try to find the Crimson Bluffs that Captain Lewis wrote about in his journal:

July 24, 1805:
“Set out at sunrise; the current very
strong; passed a remarkable bluff of a
crimson coloured earth on Starboard
intermixed with Stratas of black and
brick slate.”

Meriwether Lewis Journal

1PM - Crimson Bluffs.
We followed the Lewis and Clark trail, paralleling the Missouri River. The trail went in an upstream direction. Our observation of how very fast the current was, impressed on us how great the determination was of the Corps of Discovery. No wonder the Lewis and Clark Expedition often traveled only about 10 miles each day.

MsTioga arrived at the Crimson Bluff area. In the pic below, we are looking at the Missouri River just above the Crimson Bluffs. If we made a Camp in this place, a little more than 201 years ago, we would have been able to say “Hi” to Captains Lewis and Clark.

LewisClarkCrimsonBluff06-15-2006 Copy

The Corps of Discovery would paddle past this place on July 24, 1805.

Pics of the Crimson Bluffs.
Little Mavicito and George carefully went down the steep trail to the Bluffs. The pics below show these Bluffs. On the left is Little Mavicito's pic. The pic on the right was found on an interpretive sign.

July 24, 1805:
“The morning was fine, and we early
prosecuted our voyage; passed a bank of
very red earth, which our squaw told us
the natives use for paint.”

Sergeant Patrick Gass Journal

LewisClarkCrimsonBluffA06-15-2006 Copy LewisClarkCrimsonBluffsB06-15-2006

The Crimson Bluffs that Captain Lewis and Sergeant Gass described in their journals.

5PM - Camped in Townsend, Montana.
The Team returned to the Bureau of Reclamation free campground where we camped this morning. It took us a long time to return here from the Lewis and Clark trail. The dirt road was slow going for MsTioga.

BureauReclamationCamp06-15-2006 Copy

MsTioga and George camped in Townsend, Montana.

7PM - Maintenance stuff.
I just completed doing a bunch of maintenance things on MsTioga. I am sooooo happy about my maintenance routine, and want to tell you why, OK?

I am using a software package to keep track of my maintenance. It is called AutoMaintenancePro, and I have placed all of MsTioga's maintenance things in this schedule. This means that things come up automatically. One of the things to be checked today, were the Lights (Head/Brake/Running, turning signals, backup and stop). I found that the right rear stop light and all of the cabover lights were not operating.

I fixed both of these lights by applying Caig DeOxit. Spraying DeOxit to the corroded tail light got it working immediately. Spraying DeOxit on the ground connection for the cabover lights, fixed that problem. I cannot say enough about Caig DeOxit. Not only have I fixed these lights with Caig, but a few days ago I fixed my heater thermostat with this stuff. It is really great!! Makes electric circuits work better than new. I love it.

Unfortunately, I cannot recommend the AutoMaintenancePro software at this time. I am using their version 9.0 successfully. However, they came out with a version 10.0 a little while ago, and this version has bugs. When I reported the bugs, the company did not believe me. So, I am using the older version 9.0 right now. When the bugs in 10.0 are cleared up, I will let you know, OK?

In summary, a maintenance schedule program in my opinion is essential for an RVer. There are just too many things to remember, and having the schedule come up to tell me what to do is fantastic.

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