Saturday, June 03, 2006

7:30AM - Headed out from Logan River Camp.
We were not too long on the road when we came to a pond with a family fishing on the otherside.

LoganRiverFamilyFishing06-03-2006 Copy

Good time fishing.

9:30AM - Lovely Logan Canyon.
MsTioga climbed thru this beautiful canyon. All the while, the fast rushing sprightly Logan River ran close to the highway. As the elevation grew, the trees changed to multi-colored!

LoganRiverSprightlyStream06-03-2006 Copy LoganRiverTreesA06-03-2006 Copy

Views from Logan Canyon.

10:30AM - Logan Canyon High Camp.
We have come to a level place off the highway which overlooks the canyon below. We have a beautiful view, and The Team wants to stay here awhile.

We are at 7,606 foot elevation, about five miles west of Bear Lake.

LoganCanyonHighCamp06-03-2006 Copy

Logan canyon.

4PM - Garden City.
When The Team arrived in Garden City, there were a bunch of walk-up type restaurants selling burgers and of course, the famous raspberry shake that reader Barbara emailed us about.

We went to the Home Town Drive In, and bought a shake. Cost $3.50. And it was really good!

HomeTownDriveInShake06-03-2006 Copy HomeTownDriveIn06-03-2006 Copy

Raspberry shake at Home Town Drive In.

4:30PM - Utah/Idaho border.
The Team has come to the end of our adventure in the State of Utah. We entered Utah on Sunday, April 23rd and spent 42 wonderful days exploring the wonders of this great state. When we try to remember all of the things that we did and the places that we explored, it boggles the mind!

Now, we are leaving Utah and crossing the border into Idaho. We hope to return to Utah many times.

IdahoBorder06-03-2006 Copy

Idaho border.

7PM - Nite Camped above the Montpelier Reservoir.
East of the Town of Montpelier we entered a lovely canyon with a nice creek flowing by. It is getting toward sundown, so everybody is looking for a Nite Camp.

We came to a dirt road, and took it. Very soon we saw a dam and then the water of Montpelier Reservoir. Here and there along the banks of the water and in boats, people are fishing. We like this place.

MontpelierReservoirCamp06-03-2006 Copy

Montpelier Camp.


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