Friday, June 02, 2006

7:30AM - Laundry time.
It is time to do laundry and we will look for a laundromat here in the City of Ogden, Utah.

While we are doing the laundry, we might continue the installation of the Banks Transcommand. Do you remember about that? It is the electronic device that will control MsTioga's transmission so that it shifts much better than now.

The Temple - another view.
Little Mavicito was working with some of the out-takes of The Temple. He came up with the pic below. In this pic, Little Mavicito is closer to the reflection pool than in the May 31st published pic.

TempleOne05-31-2006A Copy

The Temple in Salt Lake City.

10AM - At the laundromat.
We are doing an extra large wash this morning. All of the bedding went into a huge front loading washing machine. We like those front loaders better than the top loaders. Seem to get clothes much cleaner.

While we are parked at the laundromat, we checked MsTioga's tire pressure. MsTioga likes to have her tires inspected once each month. The pressure is checked, and filled if low. MsTioga's front tires are kept at 62psi and her duallys at 70psi. We did not have to use our tire pressure pump today, but when we need to air up a tire, our pump is essential. We have found that gas station air pressure is much too low for MsTioga's tires.

We bought MsTioga's tire pressure pump at an Auto Zone store, but have seen similar pumps at many other auto supply stores. Our pump goes up to 120psi and runs on 120 volt AC power. We like 120AC power because we are able to put an ordinary extension cord into MsTioga's outside outlet, and power the air pressure pump with Mr. Sunny's inverter. Much easier than a 12 volt DC pump that plugs into the cigarette lighter.

LaundromatTirePressure06-02-2006 001 Copy LaundromatTirePressure06-02-2006 002 Copy

Checking tires at the laundromat.

1PM - Kirt's DriveIn.
Did you know that George owned Evie's DriveIn located in Pleasant Hill, California? Evie's is gone now, but was really popular especially for their roller skating carhops.

When we see an old time drivein restaurant now, we just gotta stop. Kirt's in the City of Ogden is to stop for.

KirtsDriveInOgdenUtah06-02-2006 Copy

We had a burger lunch and went back into our 50s memories at Kirt's drivein.

4PM - Logan, Utah.
We headed up to the City of Logan, attracted to the road on the map leading into Logan Canyon and Bear Lake. Everybody on The Team was very surprised to see that the City of Logan is a very big place! The main street thru Logan is very wide. There's a Home Depot and many other big brand stores, always a big town indicator.

LoganUtah06-02-2006 Copy

Logan's main street thru town.

7:30PM - Logan Canyon.
Shortly after entering the canyon, we came to Bridger Campground in the Wasatch-Cache National Forest. However the forest gave hints that dispersed camping was to be found here. So, we pushed on.

Soon we spotted a dirt road heading toward the Logan River. We are Camped in a clearing with only one other family. It is very quiet, except for the sound which will haunt us forever. The sound of water falling over ancient rocks in a beautiful stream.

LoganRiver06-02-2006 Copy LoganRiverCamp06-02-2006 Copy

Logan River and The Team at our Camp.


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