Friday, June 09, 2006

7AM - Artist Point.
If you have read MsTioga Magazine's story about our June, 2004 visit to Yellowstone, then you know that Artist Point is our favorite place in this Park. We are heading toward Artist Point this morning!

The closest campground to Artist Point is Canyon Village. Yesterday afternoon we made a 2-day reservation for the Canyon Village campground.

9AM - Pelican Creek.
We have made our Breakfast Camp at Pelican Creek. Little Mavicito is very attracted to this place because of the lovely view when he looks at Yellowstone Lake. The water is soooooo calm, and the reflections so clear!

It is a good thing that we stopped for breakfast, because Mr. DeLorme had a chance to look around and tell us that we missed our turn-off to Artist Point!

PelicanCreek06-09-2006 Copy

Pelican Creek flows into Yellowstone Lake.

11:00AM - So many buffalo.
Every where that we looked there were buffalo. Around every turn. On every hill. Sometimes there were dozens, lying in the green grass. We must have seen over a thousand!

Little Mavicito took the pic below from MsTioga's front window.

Buffalo06-09-2006 Copy

1AM - Artist Point.
When we reached Artist Point, a heavy storm began. There was lightning and thunder and pouring rain. So, we took a nice nap while waiting for the storm to pass.

Artist Point needs perfect light, according to Little Mavicito. The pic below was taken on June 10th at a moment when the dark skies cleared and the Sun lit up the canyon.

ArtistPointOne06-10-2006 Copy

Lower Falls and the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.

6PM - Evening Camped on a huge meadow.
Our campsite in Canyon Village Campground is surrounded by tall pine trees, so we have chosen to spend the evening where the buffalo roam. Who knows what great wild beast may walk by MsTioga?

On the way down to this meadow, we stopped at Inspiration Point which is about a mile downstream from Artist Point. Also, Little Mavicito reminded that he had a pic of Mud Volcano that had not been published. Would you like to see these pics?

InspirationPoint06-09-2006 Copy MudVolcano06-09-2006 Copy

Inspiration Point looking at the Yellowstone River. Mud Volcano.

7:15PM - Parking or Camping?
Our Evening Camp is a take-off on our Secrets of the Joys of Boondocking story. We chose to make what we call an Evening Camp. Actually we are only parking because we have paid for our campsite in Canyon Village Campground.

While we were writing this story, the buffalo who were about half mile away when we first arrived, had now grazed right near MsTioga. One of the buffalo actually had a conversation with his friend, a crow!

BuffaloRoam06-09-2006 001 Copy

BuffaloGrazing06-09-2006 007 Copy BuffaloGrazing06-09-2006 017 Copy BuffaloGrazingAndBird06-09-2006

Buffalo friends come to call


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