Monday, June 26, 2006

7AM - Red Eagle Lake trail.
We left our Rising Sun Campground site and moved to the trailhead of Red Eagle Lake. The old 1913 Ranger Station is here too, and Little Mavicito wants to take a peek.

Old1913RangerStation06-26-2006 Copy

Rising Sun ranger station built in 1913.

A toad vs. an RV for a tour base.
There are some advantages for using a toad for a tour base. Toads are small, easy to manuever and as in the case of Glacier Park, able to travel over Going to the Sun Road (which has a 21 foot length limit). Many toads are 4WD and able to drive on roads that an RV could not manage. Toads usually may drive much faster over rough roads than a lumbering RV.

Of course as you may imagine, we on The Team much prefer using MsTioga for our tour base. Take this morning for example. MsTioga is Morning Camped at the Red Eagle Lake trailhead. Everything is here with us! Our food, toilet, clothes, kitchen, refrigerator. Everything! It is so very comfortable. No need to go hiking as soon as we arrive. No. We may go online and write to you, as we are doing now. Or, we may eat breakfast, watch the news on TV, take a nap in our own bed.

Note: A toad is a popular play-on-words for a towed vehicle.

5PM - Many Glacier.
Early this afternoon, we decided to drive to Many Glacier campground. We have been at Many Glacier for about three hours. Mr. Datastorm was not able to find his space station here in all that time! Finally, after trying several different locations, we drove out of Glacier Park where the mountains to the south are not so high. Still Mr. Datastorm could not get online! We tried recalibrating Mr. Datastorm's dish, and Mr. Datastorm seems to be OK now.

We are going back inside the park to Many Glacier campground again, and let Mr. Datastorm try once more to find his space station. Wish him luck, OK?

6PM - Mr. Datastorm found it!
We are back near the Many Glacier campground and parked in front of the Swiftcurrent Motor Inn. Mr. Datastorm found his space station from here! We are sooooo happy. Tomorrow we wanted to try to hike up the Grinnell Glacier, and now we will be able to do it.

Many Glacier - Then and now.
Old Mr. Mavica took a pic of the mountain south of Many Glacier campground in June, 2004. This afternoon, Little Mavicito took a pic of the same mountain today, in June, 2006. What a difference in the snow!

ManyGlacier06-26-2006 Copy

Left - June, 2004. Right - June, 2006.

9PM - Site #115 in Many Glacier campground.
We like our campsite in Many Glacier campground. Even Mr. Datastorm says that he likes it, because although there are trees everywhere, Mr. Datastorm sees his space station right thru those trees!

MrDatastormManyGlacier06-26-2006 Copy

Yes! For our Mr. Datastorm!


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