Sunday, June 25, 2006

8AM - Ms. GQ and Mr. Chips.
Ms. GQ is our laptop computer. We use Ms. GQ everyday for publishing our blog and all our other computer work. Mr. Chips is our desktop computer, and is a duplicate of Ms.GQ. If anything should go wrong with Ms. GQ, we would be able to switch over to Mr. Chips and everything would go on perfect.

This means that we have to backup regularly. Lately we have been thinking about backing up, but have not been doing it. As you may have found out, this is a very bad attitude. Computers seem to know about these kinds of things, and that is exactly the time that they start to be stubborn. So this morning we went to do backups. However, there were a few programs that we use everyday that were not also on Mr. Chips. For some reason, it took two hours of messing around this morning to get these two programs transferred. Wow!

10AM - Going on a hike in Glacier Park.
We have not figured out where to go for our first hike here in Glacier Park. So, Little Mavicito and George are going to poke around and explore.

We went to the General Store which is a short walk from our campsite, and bought a book! It's called, “Hiking Glacier and Waterton Lakes National Parks.” There is a lot of stuff to see. But we are not in a hurry, because wherever we are, we are home. The Team may stay in Glacier for a week, two weeks, a month or more.

12 Noon - Sun Point Nature Trail.
We had a Team Meeting and everybody gathered around to read our new hiking book. A vote was taken to first visit Sun Point Nature Trail. This trail begins in the Sun Point Parking area, and is as far as MsTioga may travel east on Going to the Sun Road. MsTioga is too long at 27 feet. The rules state, “ vehicle over 21 feet long may go passed here on Going to the Sun Road.

MsTioga drove to Sun Point and we made a Day Camp. The mountains are sooooo tall here at Sun Point. We wondered if Mr. Datastorm could see his space station uplink over those mountains? Up Mr. Datastorm went up, and with no problem at all found his space station!

SunPointDatastorm06-25-2006 Copy

Can you believe that Mr. Datastorm looked over this huge mountain?

3PM - The Hike.
Sun Point is just a very short distance away from where MsTioga is Day Camped. This part of the hike ends on a rocky overlook of St. Mary Lake. The water of the lake is a spectacular blue-green.

SunPoint06-25-2006 Copy

View from Sun Point.

The trail to Baring Falls goes alongside St. Mary Lake. The trail is pretty level and an easy 1.5 mile round trip. George ate some peanuts below the falls while sitting next to the stream.

BaringTrail06-25-2006 Copy BaringFalls06-25-2006 Copy

Baring Falls.

Thoughts about Glacier Park.
  • The glaciers are melting and getting smaller each year. Come here soon to see them.
  • June is a wonderful month for Glacier Park. Avoid over crowding and hot days.
  • Campgrounds clear out during the early morning. Arrive early to find a site.


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