Wednesday, June 28, 2006

8AM - Redrock Falls hike.
The plan for this morning is to hike up the Swiftcurrent Pass trail to Redrock Falls. The only thing is, that the Sun has not yet cleared the trees and the temperature is already at 70°F!! You know that George is a weather wimp. Will he be able to hike to Redrock Falls, about 2 miles up the trail? Hmmmmm?

11AM - We made it!
The hike to Red Rock falls was really great. Some other hikers saw a bear with two cubs. We did not see these bears, but we saw one bear scat right on the trail!

The trail to the falls is mostly in the shade. We liked that. We walked over two bridges that cross small creeks. After the last bridge, we could hear the thundering falls. In the pic below on the right, is our first view of Red Rock Falls from across Red Rock Lake. Doesn’t it look as though the water is coming right out of the rocks?

RedRockFallsBridgeA06-28-2006 Copy RedRockFallsBridgeB06-28-2006 Copy RedRockFallsFirstView06-28-2006

Red Rock Falls is a big drop, and really gorgeous. In the pics below, Little Mavicito shows the falls from below, above, and a view looking in the direction of our campground. This last view was from the top of the falls.

RedRockFallsTwo06-28-2006 Copy RedRockFallsUpper06-28-2006 Copy RedRockFallsViewReturn06-28-2006 Copy

8PM - John and Jeff.
John is a reader of our blog and has a campsite just across the road from our camp in Many Glacier campground. John's son Jeff is camping with him. The three of us went to eat supper at the Italian Garden restaurant that is located just about 100 yards from us. Very convenient!

When we got back to MsTioga, our neighbor came over and told us that a grizzly bear and her two cubs walked right passed MsTioga and thru a ranger led program that was going on. He said that everybody attending this program scattered when the bears walked thru.

Darn! We missed that excitement!!


John and his son Jeff visiting The Team.


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