Thursday, June 01, 2006

9AM - Motosat Corp.
Yesterday when we visited Motosat, we forgot to get a part for Mr. Datastorm that receives the TV signal. We are returning this morning to see about getting that part.

10:30 - Repairing Mr. Datastorm.
Last December when our replacement Datastorm was being installed, the BOW (Bird On a Wire) for the TV got accidentally broken. We are here at Motosat, to get another BOW. Do you see the broken section in the bracket?

DatastormBOW06-01-2006 Copy

Broken BOW.

1:30PM - Mr. Dometic’s annual service.
Mr. Dometic's warranty policy requires that an annual service be performed. We found a Dometic dealer, State Trailer Supply who is only three miles away and able to perform this service this afternoon! We are heading over there right now.

5PM - Supper Camped in Ogden, Utah.
After Mr. Dometic's annual inspection was complete, we headed north out of Salt Lake City. We have made a Supper Camp in the City of Ogden. We will likely Nite Camp here too. Chicken enchilada, refried beans and a salad for supper tonite.

In the pic below, MsTioga and George look at the beautiful snow capped Wasatch Mountains.

OgdenSupperCamp06-01-2006 Copy

Supper Camp in Ogden, Utah.

8:30PM - Moved to Nite Camp.
Our Nite Camp is on the same road as Supper Camp, but close to a railroad yard a couple of blocks away. This is a much better location for nitetime, because we are much less exposed. Only one train went by during the entire nite.


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