Monday, July 31, 2006

5:30AM - Evergreen Collision Center.
We have moved to Evergreen where MsTioga will have her wheel alignment at 8AM this morning. This is a very important thing, because we believe that the front right wheel is badly out of alignment.

8AM - MsTioga gets aligned.
MsTioga was driven into a huge alignment machine. Things were attached to MsTioga's wheels and many adjustments were made. Her wheel bearings were tightened up a bit. The alignment machine indicated a correction of the toe was necessary.

The mechanic showed George that the queen pins had a bit too much play and suggested reworking the queen pins. When MsTioga gets back to our homebase in Concord, California in September, we will see about that. MsTioga knows that her queen pins are usually called king pins. But since MsTioga is a lady RV, she prefers queen pins, OK?


MsTioga in the alignment machine.

9:30AM - Port Townsend.
We are now headed for the Town of Port Townsend which is about 40 miles east. We have a date to meet our friends John and Mimi who are vacationing there.

11AM - The Team in Port Townsend.
MsTioga and The Team have arrived in Port Townsend and have made their Camp right next to the water.


Port Townsend.

Our friends John and Mimi knocked on MsTioga's door. Everybody on The Team is sooooo happy to see them. George, John, Mimi and Little Mavicito went to explore the Town of Port Townsend. The port area of Port Townsend is really a lovely place, with loads of shops and restaurants.

We treated ourselves to eat at Waterfront Pizza, a restaurant that gets 5 horn honks of approval from MsTioga! For dessert we went to Elevated Ice Cream. Wow! We are eating great!!


John and Mimi alongside Puget Sound.

3:30PM - Reader Lou waves at MsTioga.
We went looking for a Nite Camp west of our Day Camp. The port area of Port Townsend is not a good place to make a dry camp overnite. While were looking, a driver in a car behind MsTioga began to wave at us. We pulled over and met Lou, who has been a reader of our blog since our beginning in 2003! We had a nice talk about a zillion things inside MsTioga.

Unfortunately Old George forgot to get Little Mavicito to take a pic of Lou so that you would see him. We are so sorry about that.

5:30PM Nite Camped in the Town of Port Townsend.
We found our Nite Camp in the Town of Port Townsend in a commercial area. Next door is a Jiffy Lube. This seems like a safe place for MsTioga to make her Nite Camp.


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Sunday, July 30, 2006

6AM - City of Victoria.
This morning George and Little Mavicito, brave souls that they are, will take the Victoria Express boat voyage to the City of Victoria to search for adventure. MsTioga and the rest of The Team will stay in Port Angeles, where we hope they will be safe for the day. It has been lightly raining during the nite, and rain is falling even now. So, we are taking a small umbrella just in case.

The boat departs Port Angeles at 8:10AM, and we have been advised to arrive one half hour early in order to clear Canadian customs.

7:30AM - Victoria Express.
The name of the boat that will take us across to the City of Victoria is called Victoria Express. We like this boat and especially its bright red and white colors!


The Victoria Express has three engines!

7:45AM - The early boat out of Port Angeles.
Although we were scheduled to leave at 8:10AM, there was an earlier boat departing at 7:45AM. Of course Little Mavicito insisted we take this early boat.

The pic below was taken from Victoria Express' stern as we headed out from Port Angeles.


Port Angeles fades into the distance.

9:30AM - Arrival in the City of Victoria.
When we went thru Canadian customs, again we were singled out for review. Wow! Every time we go thru Canadian customs this happens! Luckily, after a few questions and some kind of review, we were permitted to enter Canada after only about a fifteen minute delay! Wow!

The first building we saw was where the British Columbia Legislative Assembly meets. Did you know that Victoria is the capitol of British Columbia? What a lovely building!


British Columbia Legislative Assembly Building.

10AM - Lady Marmalade.
It is now mid-morning, and George has not had any breakfast. We came to a little restaurant that was filled with customers and only one table empty. We got that table and ordered eggs Benedict. Yummmm! It was soooooo good.


Eggs Benedict, potatoes and a wonderful salad.

11:30AM - Exploring City of Victoria.
We had planned to do a tour with Royal Blue Line's “HopOff/HopOn” bus. For some reason that we do not know, we could not find this bus! So we decided to just walk around Victoria.

We found a really neat street fair, and then came upon China town. We were very interested in finding China town, because that's where we want to go for lunch!

VictoriaPublicMarket07-30-2006 VictoriaChinatown07-30-2006

Victoria street fair and China town.

1:30AM - A nap in the mall.
Little Mavicito wanted to keep moving. But Old George needed a nap! Wow! Whatta guy. So, we found a large inside mall that had benches, and Old George took his nap. A guard thought that George was dead, and came around to check. Hmmmmm?

After the nap, we went to the food court which had an Orange Julius stand.


George is wild about the Orange Julius.

3:30PM - Orange Garden Restaurant.
By mid-afternoon, it was time for a nice lunch, so we returned to China town. There we found the Orange Garden Restaurant which claimed in a window sign to be the best and most reasonable restaurant in all of China town. How could we resist? So we ordered the lunch special.


Sweet and sour pork, fried shrimp and chow mein.

4:30PM - Slowing down to rest in Victoria.
By late in the afternoon, even Little Mavicito was getting tired, to say nothing about George. We sat down to watch a cooking demonstation. Afterwards we wandered around taking pics here and there, and then found a scenic lawn location near the harbor to lie down and rest.

VictoriaAfternoonC07-30-2006 VictoriaAfternoonA07-30-2006


Late afternoon pics.

5:30PM - Boating back to Port Angeles.
The boat trip back to Port Angeles was a little wavy, as there was a stiff westerly wind. But not too bad. When we reached Port Angeles, we zipped thru United States customs with no problems.

When Little Mavicito and George walked back to where MsTioga was Camped, everybody on The Team, was sooooooo happy to see them.

What a great day this has been!


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Saturday, July 29, 2006

8:30AM - Mr. Datastorm expecting guests!
Yesterday Mr. Datastorm invited two people to come over to visit to see what Mr. Datastorm is all about. These guests, who will arrive later this morning, are customers of Datastorm dealer Bill and Janet Adams. Bill and Janet are friends of The Team!

Of course we want MsTioga to look spiffy for Mr. Datastorm's guests. So, we have been going over MsTioga to clean her up. MsTioga says, “I feel very spiffy now.”


Cleaning MsTioga’s carpet.

9:30AM - Tim Smith tests Mr. Datastorm.
Mr. Datastorm's guest is Tim Smith who performed a test with the “Go To My PC” service. Tim was concerned about Mr. Datastorm's speed while using this service. The Go To My PC service allows users to access the home or office computers from a remote location thru the internet.

Tim went on to a computer in his company office and accessed his Quick Books accounting program. He prepared an invoice and sent the invoice to another one of his company's offices in a different location.

Tim says Mr. Datastorm performed with flying colors! Isn't that wonderful?!


Tim typing on Ms. GQ doing the “Go To My PC” test.

12:30PM - Exploring the harbor area.
The Team has made a Day Camp in the harbor area of Port Angeles. Little Mavicito and his sidekick TriPod have been pushing to take the ferry to Victoria tomorrow. The ferry goes across the Strait of Juan de Fuca, traveling on the water about 20 miles to reach the City of Victoria. We have found a nice place for MsTioga to stay tomorrow, while we take the ferry and explore Victoria.

In a little while, Mr. Trek will take us for a look-see around the harbor.

2:30PM - Ticket to Victoria for Sunday morning.
George and Little Mavicito went down to the ferry building and looked around. We want to go over to Victoria Sunday morning, which is tomorrow.

We decided to take the Victoria Express, which is a boat that crosses over to Victoria instead of taking the ferry. We may be able to go thru customs quicker taking the boat because there are fewer passengers than on the ferry.

The round trip ticket on the Victoria express boat cost $29.


The entrance to the ferry.

3PM - Looking around the harbor.
Mr. Trek drove us around the beautiful harbor. There was a gorgeous mural of early Port Townsend that Little Mavicito loved!

PortAngelesHarborA07-29-2006 PortAngelesHarborC07-29-2006

Port Townsend harbor and olden days mural.

Port Townsend had a sand art contest, and some of the entrees were really amazing, don't you think?

PortAngelesHarborSandA07-29-2006 PortAngelesHarborSandB07-29-2006 PortAngelesHarborSandC07-29-2006

Port Townsend sand art.

7PM - Nite Camped near the harbor.
We have made our Nite Camp in the harbor area. Our Camp is only a short distance from the boat that will take us to Victoria tomorrow morning.

This afternoon MsTioga filled up her tanks with water, propane and gasoline.


Doesn't MsTioga blend right into this commercial/industrial neighborhood?


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Friday, July 28, 2006

8AM - Preventive Maintenance Due.
The Team's Preventive Maintenance Due printout has been getting a bit long. So, this morning we decided to knock off some of this stuff. Would you like to know some of the things that we did? Hmmmmm?

OK, then! Maintenance for the two batteries under MsTioga's hood. Checked the head/brake/running lights, turn signals. Inspected and cleaned solar panels. Lubricated Datastorm skew axis drive that was squeeking (friction) and applied Caig DeOxit to cable ends.

We have received several emails about the status of the Vertglas project to make MsTioga shiny. The Vertglas that we appied a few months ago is holding up pretty good. However, we put the application of Vertglas to the rest of MsTioga on the back burner for now.


Doing preventive maintenance.

5PM - The new Mr. DeLorme!
Everybody on The Team was anxious all day for the new Mr. DeLorme to arrive. The shipment was coming in by overnite FedEx and we picked it up only one hour ago.

Of course Mr. DeLorme himself is the most anxious person on The Team!


George introduces the new Mr. DeLorme!

7PM - Mr. DeLorme is soooooo happy!
The installation of Street Atlas 2006 USA was perfect. When Mr. DeLorme plugged his Earthmate into Ms. GQ's USB port, the Earthmate was recognized immediately. A very good sign.

The Earthmate took about 20 minutes to locate where MsTioga is camped the very first time it tried. But this is a common experience, according to DeLorme support. Now when we stop and start Earthmate, it finds our location in a few seconds!


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Thursday, July 27, 2006

6:30AM - Limping with one flat dually tire.
Yesterday afternoon as MsTioga was making a boondock Camp in the forest, a sharp rock pierced her left outside dually tire. Wow! We made a Nite Camp about 22 miles east of Port Angeles, where we will repair the blown tire. If the tire cannot be repaired, the plan is to buy perhaps two new tires.

Everybody on The Team is concerned that MsTioga may not be able to make it on one blown tire. But MsTioga says, “I can do it.” Don't you think MsTioga is brave? Hmmmmmm?

7:30AM - MsTioga made it!
We are at Denver's Tire Company in the City of Port Angeles! MsTioga made it!!

DenversTireSign07-27-2006 004 DenversTireCompany07-27-2006

MsTioga at Denver's Tire Company in the City of Port Angeles.

10AM - MsTioga has Goodyears!
You may already know that MsTioga and The Team are very lucky. We were very lucky to find Denver's Tire. When you see the damage to the dually that MsTioga was riding on this morning, you will not believe that we got here safely.

Take a look at the tire with the wire mesh showing. Do you see the wear on one side of the tire? That wear was due to MsTioga’s steering being out of alignment.

Do you see the two new Goodyear tires that MsTioga bought. Wow! Aren't they nice looking tires? The tires cost $447 installed, and should last us a long time.

DenverTireRemoved07-27-2006 DenverTireToyoDamage07-27-2006 DenverTireGoodyear07-27-2006

The tire above with the steel mesh showing was our steering tire. When we noticed that the tire was worn a great deal on one side, both steering tires were rotated to the dually wheels. This greatly damaged tire was still serviceable at the time it was rotated

11AM - Wheel alignment for MsTioga.
MsTioga has known for several months that she needed a wheel alignment. However, the good wheel alignment places that we found along the way, were always busy. We would have to make an appointment and hang around. Now that MsTioga has the new Goodyear tires, she wants to get a wheel alignment right away.

The manager at Denver's Tires recommended Evergreen Collision Center to do MsTioga's wheel alignment. We made an appointment at Evergreen for first thing next Monday morning. So, we will be messing around in the Port Angeles area for a few days.

11:30AM - Mr. DeLorme needs some stuff.
Do you remember that yesterday Mr.DeLorme reported that his Earthmate receiver was not working? We on The Team really depend on Mr. DeLorme to tell us where we are. Without Mr. DeLorme, we would often get lost!

We found a place online that sells a new DeLorme Earthmate with Street Atlas 2006 for $95. We received permission from the Evergreen Collision Center where MsTioga is going to get her wheels aligned, to ship the DeLorme stuff to their address. The shipment is going by FedEx Overnite. Pretty neat, huh?

12:30PM - Want to see our breakfast?
Often we make breakfast around lunch time. That's because often we are running around doing lots of stuff at regular breakfast time. This morning's breakfast looked very nice, and Little Mavicito made this pic below for you to see. OK?


Omelette with cheese and onions, bagel, bacon, sausage, apple juice and fruit!

3PM - Little Mavicito using new image software!
Have you seen any improvement in our pics since yesterday? Little Mavicito started using FastStone Image Viewer to edit his pics. FastStone is sooooooo easy to use.

Little Mavicito says, “I didn’t even have to learn FastStone. FastStone is sooooo intuitive, I knew how to use it right from the beginning!”

6:30PM - Our Port Angeles Nite Camp.
Actually we may be a bit east of Port Angeles. There are a bunch of vacant lots here. A nice movie theater is a couple of hundred yards away. We think that this place will be quiet for sleeping.


George and MsTioga look at our Nite Camp.


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