Monday, July 31, 2006

5:30AM - Evergreen Collision Center.
We have moved to Evergreen where MsTioga will have her wheel alignment at 8AM this morning. This is a very important thing, because we believe that the front right wheel is badly out of alignment.

8AM - MsTioga gets aligned.
MsTioga was driven into a huge alignment machine. Things were attached to MsTioga's wheels and many adjustments were made. Her wheel bearings were tightened up a bit. The alignment machine indicated a correction of the toe was necessary.

The mechanic showed George that the queen pins had a bit too much play and suggested reworking the queen pins. When MsTioga gets back to our homebase in Concord, California in September, we will see about that. MsTioga knows that her queen pins are usually called king pins. But since MsTioga is a lady RV, she prefers queen pins, OK?


MsTioga in the alignment machine.

9:30AM - Port Townsend.
We are now headed for the Town of Port Townsend which is about 40 miles east. We have a date to meet our friends John and Mimi who are vacationing there.

11AM - The Team in Port Townsend.
MsTioga and The Team have arrived in Port Townsend and have made their Camp right next to the water.


Port Townsend.

Our friends John and Mimi knocked on MsTioga's door. Everybody on The Team is sooooo happy to see them. George, John, Mimi and Little Mavicito went to explore the Town of Port Townsend. The port area of Port Townsend is really a lovely place, with loads of shops and restaurants.

We treated ourselves to eat at Waterfront Pizza, a restaurant that gets 5 horn honks of approval from MsTioga! For dessert we went to Elevated Ice Cream. Wow! We are eating great!!


John and Mimi alongside Puget Sound.

3:30PM - Reader Lou waves at MsTioga.
We went looking for a Nite Camp west of our Day Camp. The port area of Port Townsend is not a good place to make a dry camp overnite. While were looking, a driver in a car behind MsTioga began to wave at us. We pulled over and met Lou, who has been a reader of our blog since our beginning in 2003! We had a nice talk about a zillion things inside MsTioga.

Unfortunately Old George forgot to get Little Mavicito to take a pic of Lou so that you would see him. We are so sorry about that.

5:30PM Nite Camped in the Town of Port Townsend.
We found our Nite Camp in the Town of Port Townsend in a commercial area. Next door is a Jiffy Lube. This seems like a safe place for MsTioga to make her Nite Camp.


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