Thursday, July 27, 2006

6:30AM - Limping with one flat dually tire.
Yesterday afternoon as MsTioga was making a boondock Camp in the forest, a sharp rock pierced her left outside dually tire. Wow! We made a Nite Camp about 22 miles east of Port Angeles, where we will repair the blown tire. If the tire cannot be repaired, the plan is to buy perhaps two new tires.

Everybody on The Team is concerned that MsTioga may not be able to make it on one blown tire. But MsTioga says, “I can do it.” Don't you think MsTioga is brave? Hmmmmmm?

7:30AM - MsTioga made it!
We are at Denver's Tire Company in the City of Port Angeles! MsTioga made it!!

DenversTireSign07-27-2006 004 DenversTireCompany07-27-2006

MsTioga at Denver's Tire Company in the City of Port Angeles.

10AM - MsTioga has Goodyears!
You may already know that MsTioga and The Team are very lucky. We were very lucky to find Denver's Tire. When you see the damage to the dually that MsTioga was riding on this morning, you will not believe that we got here safely.

Take a look at the tire with the wire mesh showing. Do you see the wear on one side of the tire? That wear was due to MsTioga’s steering being out of alignment.

Do you see the two new Goodyear tires that MsTioga bought. Wow! Aren't they nice looking tires? The tires cost $447 installed, and should last us a long time.

DenverTireRemoved07-27-2006 DenverTireToyoDamage07-27-2006 DenverTireGoodyear07-27-2006

The tire above with the steel mesh showing was our steering tire. When we noticed that the tire was worn a great deal on one side, both steering tires were rotated to the dually wheels. This greatly damaged tire was still serviceable at the time it was rotated

11AM - Wheel alignment for MsTioga.
MsTioga has known for several months that she needed a wheel alignment. However, the good wheel alignment places that we found along the way, were always busy. We would have to make an appointment and hang around. Now that MsTioga has the new Goodyear tires, she wants to get a wheel alignment right away.

The manager at Denver's Tires recommended Evergreen Collision Center to do MsTioga's wheel alignment. We made an appointment at Evergreen for first thing next Monday morning. So, we will be messing around in the Port Angeles area for a few days.

11:30AM - Mr. DeLorme needs some stuff.
Do you remember that yesterday Mr.DeLorme reported that his Earthmate receiver was not working? We on The Team really depend on Mr. DeLorme to tell us where we are. Without Mr. DeLorme, we would often get lost!

We found a place online that sells a new DeLorme Earthmate with Street Atlas 2006 for $95. We received permission from the Evergreen Collision Center where MsTioga is going to get her wheels aligned, to ship the DeLorme stuff to their address. The shipment is going by FedEx Overnite. Pretty neat, huh?

12:30PM - Want to see our breakfast?
Often we make breakfast around lunch time. That's because often we are running around doing lots of stuff at regular breakfast time. This morning's breakfast looked very nice, and Little Mavicito made this pic below for you to see. OK?


Omelette with cheese and onions, bagel, bacon, sausage, apple juice and fruit!

3PM - Little Mavicito using new image software!
Have you seen any improvement in our pics since yesterday? Little Mavicito started using FastStone Image Viewer to edit his pics. FastStone is sooooooo easy to use.

Little Mavicito says, “I didn’t even have to learn FastStone. FastStone is sooooo intuitive, I knew how to use it right from the beginning!”

6:30PM - Our Port Angeles Nite Camp.
Actually we may be a bit east of Port Angeles. There are a bunch of vacant lots here. A nice movie theater is a couple of hundred yards away. We think that this place will be quiet for sleeping.


George and MsTioga look at our Nite Camp.


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