Sunday, July 30, 2006

6AM - City of Victoria.
This morning George and Little Mavicito, brave souls that they are, will take the Victoria Express boat voyage to the City of Victoria to search for adventure. MsTioga and the rest of The Team will stay in Port Angeles, where we hope they will be safe for the day. It has been lightly raining during the nite, and rain is falling even now. So, we are taking a small umbrella just in case.

The boat departs Port Angeles at 8:10AM, and we have been advised to arrive one half hour early in order to clear Canadian customs.

7:30AM - Victoria Express.
The name of the boat that will take us across to the City of Victoria is called Victoria Express. We like this boat and especially its bright red and white colors!


The Victoria Express has three engines!

7:45AM - The early boat out of Port Angeles.
Although we were scheduled to leave at 8:10AM, there was an earlier boat departing at 7:45AM. Of course Little Mavicito insisted we take this early boat.

The pic below was taken from Victoria Express' stern as we headed out from Port Angeles.


Port Angeles fades into the distance.

9:30AM - Arrival in the City of Victoria.
When we went thru Canadian customs, again we were singled out for review. Wow! Every time we go thru Canadian customs this happens! Luckily, after a few questions and some kind of review, we were permitted to enter Canada after only about a fifteen minute delay! Wow!

The first building we saw was where the British Columbia Legislative Assembly meets. Did you know that Victoria is the capitol of British Columbia? What a lovely building!


British Columbia Legislative Assembly Building.

10AM - Lady Marmalade.
It is now mid-morning, and George has not had any breakfast. We came to a little restaurant that was filled with customers and only one table empty. We got that table and ordered eggs Benedict. Yummmm! It was soooooo good.


Eggs Benedict, potatoes and a wonderful salad.

11:30AM - Exploring City of Victoria.
We had planned to do a tour with Royal Blue Line's “HopOff/HopOn” bus. For some reason that we do not know, we could not find this bus! So we decided to just walk around Victoria.

We found a really neat street fair, and then came upon China town. We were very interested in finding China town, because that's where we want to go for lunch!

VictoriaPublicMarket07-30-2006 VictoriaChinatown07-30-2006

Victoria street fair and China town.

1:30AM - A nap in the mall.
Little Mavicito wanted to keep moving. But Old George needed a nap! Wow! Whatta guy. So, we found a large inside mall that had benches, and Old George took his nap. A guard thought that George was dead, and came around to check. Hmmmmm?

After the nap, we went to the food court which had an Orange Julius stand.


George is wild about the Orange Julius.

3:30PM - Orange Garden Restaurant.
By mid-afternoon, it was time for a nice lunch, so we returned to China town. There we found the Orange Garden Restaurant which claimed in a window sign to be the best and most reasonable restaurant in all of China town. How could we resist? So we ordered the lunch special.


Sweet and sour pork, fried shrimp and chow mein.

4:30PM - Slowing down to rest in Victoria.
By late in the afternoon, even Little Mavicito was getting tired, to say nothing about George. We sat down to watch a cooking demonstation. Afterwards we wandered around taking pics here and there, and then found a scenic lawn location near the harbor to lie down and rest.

VictoriaAfternoonC07-30-2006 VictoriaAfternoonA07-30-2006


Late afternoon pics.

5:30PM - Boating back to Port Angeles.
The boat trip back to Port Angeles was a little wavy, as there was a stiff westerly wind. But not too bad. When we reached Port Angeles, we zipped thru United States customs with no problems.

When Little Mavicito and George walked back to where MsTioga was Camped, everybody on The Team, was sooooooo happy to see them.

What a great day this has been!


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