Saturday, July 29, 2006

8:30AM - Mr. Datastorm expecting guests!
Yesterday Mr. Datastorm invited two people to come over to visit to see what Mr. Datastorm is all about. These guests, who will arrive later this morning, are customers of Datastorm dealer Bill and Janet Adams. Bill and Janet are friends of The Team!

Of course we want MsTioga to look spiffy for Mr. Datastorm's guests. So, we have been going over MsTioga to clean her up. MsTioga says, “I feel very spiffy now.”


Cleaning MsTioga’s carpet.

9:30AM - Tim Smith tests Mr. Datastorm.
Mr. Datastorm's guest is Tim Smith who performed a test with the “Go To My PC” service. Tim was concerned about Mr. Datastorm's speed while using this service. The Go To My PC service allows users to access the home or office computers from a remote location thru the internet.

Tim went on to a computer in his company office and accessed his Quick Books accounting program. He prepared an invoice and sent the invoice to another one of his company's offices in a different location.

Tim says Mr. Datastorm performed with flying colors! Isn't that wonderful?!


Tim typing on Ms. GQ doing the “Go To My PC” test.

12:30PM - Exploring the harbor area.
The Team has made a Day Camp in the harbor area of Port Angeles. Little Mavicito and his sidekick TriPod have been pushing to take the ferry to Victoria tomorrow. The ferry goes across the Strait of Juan de Fuca, traveling on the water about 20 miles to reach the City of Victoria. We have found a nice place for MsTioga to stay tomorrow, while we take the ferry and explore Victoria.

In a little while, Mr. Trek will take us for a look-see around the harbor.

2:30PM - Ticket to Victoria for Sunday morning.
George and Little Mavicito went down to the ferry building and looked around. We want to go over to Victoria Sunday morning, which is tomorrow.

We decided to take the Victoria Express, which is a boat that crosses over to Victoria instead of taking the ferry. We may be able to go thru customs quicker taking the boat because there are fewer passengers than on the ferry.

The round trip ticket on the Victoria express boat cost $29.


The entrance to the ferry.

3PM - Looking around the harbor.
Mr. Trek drove us around the beautiful harbor. There was a gorgeous mural of early Port Townsend that Little Mavicito loved!

PortAngelesHarborA07-29-2006 PortAngelesHarborC07-29-2006

Port Townsend harbor and olden days mural.

Port Townsend had a sand art contest, and some of the entrees were really amazing, don't you think?

PortAngelesHarborSandA07-29-2006 PortAngelesHarborSandB07-29-2006 PortAngelesHarborSandC07-29-2006

Port Townsend sand art.

7PM - Nite Camped near the harbor.
We have made our Nite Camp in the harbor area. Our Camp is only a short distance from the boat that will take us to Victoria tomorrow morning.

This afternoon MsTioga filled up her tanks with water, propane and gasoline.


Doesn't MsTioga blend right into this commercial/industrial neighborhood?


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