Friday, July 28, 2006

8AM - Preventive Maintenance Due.
The Team's Preventive Maintenance Due printout has been getting a bit long. So, this morning we decided to knock off some of this stuff. Would you like to know some of the things that we did? Hmmmmm?

OK, then! Maintenance for the two batteries under MsTioga's hood. Checked the head/brake/running lights, turn signals. Inspected and cleaned solar panels. Lubricated Datastorm skew axis drive that was squeeking (friction) and applied Caig DeOxit to cable ends.

We have received several emails about the status of the Vertglas project to make MsTioga shiny. The Vertglas that we appied a few months ago is holding up pretty good. However, we put the application of Vertglas to the rest of MsTioga on the back burner for now.


Doing preventive maintenance.

5PM - The new Mr. DeLorme!
Everybody on The Team was anxious all day for the new Mr. DeLorme to arrive. The shipment was coming in by overnite FedEx and we picked it up only one hour ago.

Of course Mr. DeLorme himself is the most anxious person on The Team!


George introduces the new Mr. DeLorme!

7PM - Mr. DeLorme is soooooo happy!
The installation of Street Atlas 2006 USA was perfect. When Mr. DeLorme plugged his Earthmate into Ms. GQ's USB port, the Earthmate was recognized immediately. A very good sign.

The Earthmate took about 20 minutes to locate where MsTioga is camped the very first time it tried. But this is a common experience, according to DeLorme support. Now when we stop and start Earthmate, it finds our location in a few seconds!


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