Wednesday, July 26, 2006

9:30AM - Socked in again!
The fog this morning is thicker than yesterday! The Team is socked in again. As you may imagine, Little Mavicito is very disappointed, because it appears likely that he will not be able to go see the fabulous Cape Flattery on this trip.

FogAgainAA07-26-2006 Copy

Fog again at Neah Bay.

2:30PM - Headed out of Neah Bay.
On the way out of Neah Bay, we stopped again at the Take Home Fish Company and bought two very nice pieces of smoked salmon. Wow! That Kimm Brown makes really good smoked salmon.

In the pic below, Kimm stands near the 55 gallon drum which is his smoker.

TakeHomeFish07-26-2006 Copy

Take Home Fish Company smoker.

3:30PM - Flat Dually Tire!
We had found a nice boondock site in the forest. It was a clear place for Mr. Datastorm to see his space station. MsTioga was turning around to park in our Campsite, and George steered her into the side of the road. And guess what happened?! A sharp rock went right thru MsTioga's left outside dually. We have a flat tire!!

We decided to head down the road for the City of Port Angeles, hoping to find a place to fix the flat.

4:30PM - Camped in the forest with a flat tire.
It became clear that it would not be possible to get to the City of Port Angeles before all of the shops closed for business. So, we found a place to make a Nite Camp in the forest. Tomorrow we have about 22 miles to go to reach Port Angeles.

We got a flat a few years ago in the mountains, and had to drive 12 miles on a dirt road to reach a tire shop. MsTioga believes that she will make it OK to Port Angeles on this paved road.

In the pic below, the tire does not look flat because Mr. Levelers is lifting up MsTioga.

FlatDuallyTire07-26-2006 Copy

George looks at MsTioga's flat tire.

5:30PM - Mr. DeLorme is broken!
Every nite Mr. DeLorme locates where we make our Nite Camp on his master map. This afternoon when he went to find his location, Mr. DeLorme found out that his Earthmate receiver no longer worked! Wow! Mr. Datastorm used his GPS powers to lend a hand to Mr. DeLorme. But just the same, Mr. DeLorme is a bit low now.

7PM - Smoked Salmon Supper.
What else could be had for supper but the smoked salmon that we bought at Take Home Fish Company today? Corn on the cob and a salad! Wow! Somebody is soooooo lucky!


Smoked salmon supper.


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