Thursday, August 31, 2006

5AM - Moved Nite Camp.
Since we will be here at our home base for several weeks, we want to be careful about our Nite Camp site. So, MsTioga moved her Nite Camp a few blocks and we finished our sleeping there. We want to be sort of invisible.

7AM - Newhall Park.
Many Concord residents come to have their morning walk in lovely Newhall Park. There are trails in the park. Little Mavicito and George are going take their morning walk on these trails. When we come back, Little Mavicito will publish pics of what he has seen, OK?

9AM - Morning walk.
Little Mavicito has some pics for you to see from our walk in the lovely Newhall Park. There is a hilltop in the park containing a memorial to the soldiers from the City of Concord who died in Vietnam. We headed for that hill.


The park and hills of Concord.

The monument commemorating the Concord soldiers who died in Vietnam had the following verse:

Forgotten by some, this may be,
But for each one lost, we plant a tree.
So that all who pass this land may see,
These mighty oaks stand because this land is free!

NewhallParkTrailF08-31-2006 NewhallParkTrailG08-31-2006

Vietnam Memorial.

2PM - Markham Nature Park.
Since The Team is going to be in the Concord area for several weeks, we do not believe that it is a good idea to stay in one place all day. MsTioga wants to be low on the radar screen. So, we left Newhall Park and made a Day Camp in Markham Nature Park.

4PM - Work planning session.
We have sooooooo much work to be done while here at our home base of Concord, California. We decided to have a work planning session in order to organize that work.

In the pic below, George is hard at the chore of planning the work.


The work planning session at Markham Park.


No anchor map link published at our home base.

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