Wednesday, August 02, 2006

6:30AM - Heading south.
The Team is now in the “heading south” part of our 2006 trip. We love the Pacific Coast, and hope to travel along the coast for most of this part of our journey.

8:30AM - Breakfast Camped along Hwy 101.
MsTioga has been looking hard for a place to park for over an hour. We came across this nice place along what Mr.DeLorme calls the Hood Canal.


Hood Canal Breakfast Camp.

11:30AM - Forest Road #24 Nite Camp.
When we made Breakfast Camp this morning, Ms. GQ noticed fellow Datastormers camped nearby on Forest Road #24, as marked on the Datastorm Users Map. We decided to a take a run up the mountain. We did not find the other Datastormers, but we did find a nice place to make our Nite Camp!

This part of the Olympic Peninsula is a difficult one to find boondock sites. Not too many access points into the National Forest. Road #24 is one of those good access roads.


MsTioga and George along Forest Road #24.

Have you ever read MsTioga Magazine?
We publish MsTioga Magazine to share info with you about the stuff we use on board MsTioga. Also, to share with you stories about the places that we visit that are exceptional.

Take a peek, OK?
MsTioga Magazine

3:30PM - Reader Jim comes to call.
We are always so happy and surprised when a reader of our blog comes to call. This afternoon, Jim, his Dad who is also named Jim and his son AJ found MsTioga and The Team up on the mountain where we are camped.

We talked for a couple hours, especially about Jim's plan to be a fulltimer soon. Wow! We are so happy when we have helped a reader go fulltime. That is our mission, you know!


George, Jim, AJ and Jim.


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