Monday, August 28, 2006

6:30AM - MsTioga's starting battery.
Yesterday we told you about MsTioga's battery charging problems. We did not know if the alternator or battery or both were responsible for the battery not getting fully charged.

This morning George and MsTioga went to their Chilton Ford repair manual and read about battery charging problems. Chilton says to run the engine at 1500 rpms to see if the alternator is putting out power. When we did this test, we found that the battery was getting charged at about 12.9 volts, which should be enough. So the problem is with the battery which only gets charged to about 11.2 volts.

7:30AM - Coast or inland route?
For the past three years, we have always returned south by the Highway One coast route. However, this year the days have been unusually foggy. Mr. Sunny did not receive his full charge yesterday until almost sundown. This is not a good thing. We are not able to stay online very much under these conditions.

We are thinking about heading inland to get some Sun.

9:30AM - Navarro Redwoods State Park.
MsTioga came to the decision place, where the road splits. The turn south would take us on the coastal route. We took the turn to the east.

We had never traveled this road before and were amazed as we entered the beauty of Navarro Redwoods State Park. That such a place as this truly exists on the Planet Earth is a gift from heaven.

NavarroRedwoodsA08-28-2006 NavarroRedwoodsC08-28-2006

Navarro Redwoods.

11:30AM - Vineyard Day Camp.
We came to a place to make a Day Camp in the middle of a bunch of vineyards. Mr. Sunny likes it here because the Sun is shiny bright! Mr. Datastorm likes it because there is a clear view of his space station. Mr. Levelers likes it because MsTioga is already level. And Little Mavicito is excited about the vineyards that are all around us.


We love the look of a vineyard.

2:30PM - Looking for a quiet Nite Camp.
Our Day Camp near the vineyards is alongside Hwy 128, and a bit too noisy because of the traffic. We are heading toward the City of Cloverdale, and looking for possible Nite Camps along the way.

5:30PM - Nite Camped in Cloverdale.
This is The Team's first time in the City of Cloverdale. We have made a Nite Camp toward the south end of the city. There is a large field outside MsTioga's window with a herd of horses. This should be a quiet place for sleeping.

George, Mr. Trek and Little Mavicito are going for a bike ride to explore this place!


Camp Cloverdale.

9:30PM - Policeman knocks on MsTioga's door.
It seems that the owner of a building near our Camp phoned the police on MsTioga! Wow! The policeman kindly suggested that a grocery parking lot around the corner would be OK to stay the nite. Isn't that the greatest thing?

We moved to Ray's Marketplace parking lot. It was very quiet and nobody else knocked for the rest of the nite!


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