Tuesday, August 01, 2006

6AM - Back at the Port of Port Townsend.
Something about the Port of Port Townsend drew us back there this morning. We do not know what that something is yet. But maybe when we search for adventure today here in this lovely town, we will find out.

Little Mavicito saw the sun rising over the port as MsTioga drove down the hill to our Day Camp near the water. "Oh, oh", said Little Mavicito. "I've got to take a pic of the port from up here!" So MsTioga stopped and Little Mavicito ran out and took the pic below.


Port of Port Townsend at sunrise.

9AM - Searching for a Port Townsend adventure!
First we went back to take pics of the places where we had wonderful food yesterday afternoon.

PortTownsendWaterfrontPizza08-01-2006 PortTownsendElevatedIceCream08-01-2006

Waterfront Pizza and Elevated Ice Cream.

As Mr. Trek drove us around Port Townsend, we found our search for adventure to be sort of quiet. Not too many people are about this Tuesday morning. We drove to where the ferry docks to take people to Whidbey Island. It was quiet there too.


Ferry just leaving for Whidbey Island.

There is another part of Port Townsend on the hill, so we went up the stairs to look around. Could that be where all the people are?

PortTownsendAdventureUptown08-01-2006 PortTownsendUptownSign08-01-2006

Uptown Port Townsend.

It is pretty quiet in Uptown Port Townsend too. We are getting to really like this wonderful quiet. But we decided to stir things up and bought a giant chocolate chip cookie in the 120 year old Aldrich Market.

PortTownsendUptown08-01-2006 PortTownsendAldrichMarket08-01-2006

Main Street in Uptown and Aldrich's Market.

It is close to lunch time about now. Maybe we will return to Waterfront Pizza and get another slice?!

7PM - The movie Water.
Although I love movies, I do not go to see them much anymore. I cannot find really good ones. The movie Water intrigued me because of its plot. It is a wonderful movie, and I am sooooo glad that I went to see it.

This movie is playing in the Rose Theatre in the Port area of Port Townsend. The theatre is one of those old time places. Just a perfect place for such an excellent movie.

9:30PM - Nite Camped in Port Townsend.
MsTioga and The Team have made Nite Camp in the exact same place as yesterday. It is very quiet here late in the evening.


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