Saturday, August 26, 2006

7:30AM - Goodbye Eel River bar.
The Team stayed at the Eel River Bar for two nites. Staying inside the Humboldt Redwood Forest is wonderful. Also, MsTioga is close to her goal of 1,000 miles traveled for the month of August. Camping here for two nites brought her daily average down to under 35 miles per day. Very important when gasoline for MsTioga is over 40 cents per mile.

Now, we will continue our journey down the Avenue of the Giants.

9:30AM - Avenue of the Giants.
If you do one thing when in Northern California, driving the entire Avenue of the Giants has got to be it. Little Mavicito tries to give you a pic to show how wonderful the redwood trees are here. But how is that possible?


MsTioga and George look at the redwoods.

11:30AM - Hooker Creek Camp.
Just passed the end of Avenue of the Giants we came across Hooker Creek Road which is a dead end. Mr. DeLorme's map shows that we have never stayed here before. This road is just below Hwy 101, so it may be a bit noisy for a Nite Camp. We will have to see about that.

We have made a Day Camp here, and guess what is growing just down the road? Blackberries! Tons of them.


Little Mavicito catches George harvesting blackberries!

3:30PM - South Benbow Camp.
We have made a Nite Camp south of the Town of Benbow. The traffic from Hwy 101 is barely heard from this place. Much better for sleeping!

6PM - Exploring Camp.
When the sun set behind the forest hills and the temperature dropped below 90°F, we went out to explore our Camp. There is a State day-only parking area here with a locked gate. MsTioga and The Team have passed by this place three times, and this gate has always been locked.

Little Mavicito and George walked passed the locked gate and found a road that led to the South Fork Eel River. There are many birds along the river. Egret, ducks and other large birds too far away to identify.

SouthEelGateCamp08-26-2006 SouthForkEelRiverCamp08-26-2006

Our Benbow Camp and the South Fork Eel River.


Nite Camp Location

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