Sunday, August 27, 2006

7AM - Heading toward Pacific Coast.
The road from our Nite Camp to the Pacific Coast is a very winding one which goes thru a forest filled with coastal redwoods. One of our favorite trees. We love the look of the bark!

10AM - Day Camped alongside the gorgeous Pacific coast.
We have found a wonderful Day Camp. The Pacific Ocean is soooooo blue. Little Mavicito hopes that you may be able to see how blue the water is in his pic below.


Isn't the Ocean a wonderful deep blue?

10:30AM - MsTioga's electrical system not charging.
Hi everybody! This is MsTioga typing at you. I am having charging problems. Do you remember a week or so ago George bought me a new starting battery? Well, that battery seems to have gone bad already! It will not take a proper charge, even when Mr. Sunny tries to charge it up.

My alternator was replaced a few years ago, but appears to have also gone bad on me. George thinks that he will be able to keep me going OK until we reach our homebase later this week. My battery is still able to start my engine. So that’s a good thing.

4PM - Fort Bragg, California.
We drove to the City of Fort Bragg. There is a movie playing called “Invincible”. We have heard good things about this movie, so The Team decided to treat George to a ticket.

“Invincible” is a great movie. MsTioga gives this movie five horn honks of approval.

6:30PM - Nite Camp in Fort Bragg.
We have made a Nite Camp in an industrial/commercial area of town. Mr. Sunny is sort of grumpy, because it has been foggy all day making it difficult to charge our battery bank. Having MsTioga's alternator not working isn't helping. The alternator normally helps charge the battery bank while we are driving.


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