Thursday, August 24, 2006

8AM - Eureka, California.
Mr. Datastorm has been having difficulty finding his space station. So, we went into the City of Eureka and found a parking lot in order to recalibrate Mr. Datastorm's systems. However, Mr. Datastorm was still unable to take himself online!

We are close to the space station's footprint edge. Perhaps we are too far west, here in Eureka? We are going to continue south for awhile, because Hwy 101 heads inland. We will find a place east of here and try to go online again.

11:30 - Scotia Day Camp.
We have made a Day Camp alongside the huge Pacific Lumber Company in the Town of Scotia. Mr. Datastorm has found his space station!!


Our Camp alongside the Pacific Lumber Company in Scotia.

2:30PM - The dreaded Eel River gravel bar.
Do you remember back in 2003, when MsTioga lost her tranny on the Eel River gravel bar? Hmmmmm? Well, guess where we have made our Nite Camp? Did you guess the gravel bar?

We are inside Humboldt Redwoods State Park and Avenue of the Giants is a few hundred yards away!


MsTioga watches as George points to where we got stuck in 2003.


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