Friday, August 25, 2006

8AM - Morning walk.
Little Mavicito was anxious for his morning walk on the Eel River Gravel Bar. He found one single plant growing on the bar, a lovely yellow flower.

The pics below show the flower and MsTioga on the gravel bar. On the other side of MsTioga, do you see the tiny bridge across the river that MsTioga must cross to continue her journey?

EelRiverFlower08-25-2006 EelRiverMorning08-25-2006

The lovely yellow flower and MsTioga on the Eel River gravel bar.

Note to RVers about the Eel River gravel bar.
This gravel bar is a dangerous place for RVs. It is soooooo easy to get stuck in this gravel. If you decide to make a camp here, do not go off the existing road path without first walking where you will drive. Only a few inches in the wrong place could mean disaster.

I chose the gravel bar because it is one of the few places in this area to make a boondock camp.

1PM - Team Meeting.
Mr. Chips our valiant desktop computer called a Team Meeting to decide whether we should stay on the Eel River gravel bar for a second nite. Everybody thought that was a swell idea, so we are making this place our Nite Camp again.

1:30PM - The Ralph Chaney Grove.
Just across the Avenue of the Giants is the Ralph Chaney Grove. This grove is only a short distance from our Camp. Little Mavicito begged to take a peek at the Chaney Grove, so we did.

If you have ever walked in a grove of old growth redwood trees, then you know that the descriptive word magnificent is too small. Not even Little Mavicito, try as he did, could catch the magnificence of the redwoods.

ChaneyGroveSign08-25-2006 ChaneyGrove08-25-2006

Ralph Chaney Redwood Grove.


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