Sunday, August 20, 2006

8AM - Redwood Parks.
In past years The Team has not explored the redwoods in northwest California. This year we are going to take a closer look and try to spend some time looking around.

9AM - Jedediah Smith State Park.
A few miles from last nite's Camp is Jedediah Smith State Park. Little Mavicito and George decided to take a hike in the park and walked the Stout Grove.

We had to cross an interesting foot bridge across the Smith River that appears to be assembled at the end of the rainy season. The Smith River is a free running stream with no dams, and has been known to rise 10 feet in one day’s time.

SmithParkFootBridge08-20-2006 SmithParkLoopSign08-20-2006

Bridge to Stout Grove.

The trail thru Stout Grove took us passed giant redwoods, too impossible for Little Mavicito to capture. You will have to use your imagination, or better yet, come see for yourself!

SmithParkTree08-20-2006 SmithParkStoutGroveTrail08-20-2006

Stout Grove trail.

Curious Little Mavicito was very interested in some plants that grow here in this forest. Huge 3-leaf clover and poison oak

SmithPark3LeafClover08-20-2006 SmithParkPoisonOak08-20-2006

Have you ever touched poison oak?

1PM - Day Camped in Crescent City.
We have made a Day Camp in a vacant lot here in Crescent City. We may stay the nite here in town.

4:30PM - Found our Nite Camp.
We shopped for groceries and made our Nite Camp down the street from a WalMart!  Mr. Sunny is a bit grumpy because the sky has been overcast and he had to ask Mr. Onan for a little help this afternoon.


MsTioga and George Camped in Crescent City, California.

7:30PM - Crescent City supper.
We receive lots of emails suggesting restaurants. And we do not go out to eat too much. Do you wonder why? Maybe it's because George is such a good cook!?

Take tonite's supper here in Crescent City, for example. A bunch of little taquitos with fried chicken, red onion and cheddar cheese. A side of refried beans topped with cheese. And! A bowl of fresh guacamole for dipping.

Little Mavicito forgot to take the pic below until George had already taken a few bites, so that is why the plate is a little messy. How does this meal look to you? Hmmmmmm?


Chicken taquito supper.

Nite Camp Location Map


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