Saturday, September 30, 2006

8AM - Day Camped near Santa Cruz Boardwalk.
Remember that yesterday we found that the Boardwalk closed for the season during the week, and opened up on weekends at 11AM. MsTioga tried to park this morning in the free parking lot across from the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, as she did yesterday. But the lot was closed! We did not park on the street, because this area is metered and we did not wish to take up two meters.

So, we found an unmetered place to park several blocks away. We are not too far from the Giant Dipper roller coaster.

11AM - Joe and George ride Giant Dipper.
After visiting with Joe in his home in Santa Cruz, we walked to the Boardwalk to ride the Giant Dipper Roller Coaster. I am scared of riding this roller coaster, but have to do it anyway. The thrill is sooooo fantastic. To be thrown right and left, riding sometimes in complete darkness, plunging down at fantastic speeds! You would be scared too!!


The train arrives for our Giant Dipper ride.

5PM - Afternoon in MsTioga.
After we returned from the Santa Cruz Boardwalk and our Giant Dipper ride, Joe stayed with me inside MsTioga talking about lots of stuff. We watched some videos of Evie's Drive-In, our family restaurant that was famous for its roller skating carhops in the 1980s.

Then it was time to go, and my son Joe left and walked to his home. I will miss him, and feel very lucky to have spent these wonderful two days with him.


Joe walking home.

5:30PM - MsTioga goes to the dump station.
We do not write too many times about MsTioga going to a dump station. You know that she goes from time to time, right?

Today Little Mavicito took a pic of MsTioga at the Brighton Beach dump station. We have to pay sometimes to dump, but MsTioga believes that the $6 charge here at Brighton Beach is the most that we ever paid! So, we are commemorating this dump with a post.


MsTioga at Brighton Beach emptying her tanks.

6:30PM - Nite Camp at Moss Landing.
We have made a Nite Camp very close to the beach at Moss Landing. In the pic below, Little Mavicito catches George looking at the ending of a fabulous day.


George on the beach at Moss Landing.


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Friday, September 29, 2006

8:30AM - Santa Cruz Boardwalk.
We have found a free parking lot, right across from the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. Old George wants to ride the Giant Dipper roller coaster a zillion times!


Can you see the Giant Dipper way over on the left side?

9AM - Son Joseph comes to call.
Guess what happened? I received an email from son Joseph, wanting to come by. Isn't that neat? It has been a whole year since I last saw Joseph.

We talked and talked for a couple of hours, and then went to lunch at a nearby Mexican food place.


Joseph and MsTioga.

1PM - Boardwalk open only on weekends.
After lunch, George and Joseph walked across the street to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. We wanted to maybe ride the Giant Dipper Roller Coaster. We found that the Boardwalk is now off-season, and is only open on weekends. The plan is to go back there tomorrow morning.

3PM - Santa Cruz Wharf.
Close to where MsTioga is camped, is a wharf that extends way out into Monterey Bay. Little Mavicito heard that whales swim near this wharf, and begged to go out there. So, we did!

There were plenty of barking sea lions resting on the pilings underneath the wharf. But we did not see any whales. Little Mavicito took a swell pic of the Santa Cruz Boardwalk from the wharf. Would you like to see it? Hmmmmm?


Boardwalk from the Wharf.

8PM - Nite Camped same site as yesterday.
MsTioga does not like to make a Camp inside a town in the same place twice. But this evening it seemed like a good idea. Good Camps in the Town of Santa Cruz are hard for us to find.


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Thursday, September 28, 2006

7AM - Pigeon Point Litehouse Camp.
We moved several miles south, to where the Pigeon Point Litehouse is located. A small paved road alongside the Ocean led to the litehouse. We have made a Morning Camp here.


MsTioga and George at Pigeon Point.

9AM - Morning walk.
Little Mavicito went with George for our morning walk. A nice trail goes down near the shore. After walking this trail we went to the litehouse. There is a hostel at the litehouse where you may stay for as little as $19.

The litehouse itself has fallen into disrepair. There is a movement to preserve the litehouse. Take a peek at this link, OK?

PigeonPointAA09-28-2006 PigeonPointB09-28-2006

Little Mavicito's view of the litehouse.

10:30AM - Breakfast time.
By the time we returned to MsTioga, it was time for a nice breakfast. The view from MsTioga of Pigeon Point is wonderful, don't you think?!

PigeonPointC09-28-2006 PigeonPointD09-28-2006

Breakfast at Pigeon Point.

4:30PM - Tioga and George in Santa Cruz!
We have arrived in the City of Santa Cruz. We have made an Afternoon Camp on a dead end street. However, making a Nite Camp in Santa Cruz is much harder. Our Nite Camp will require maximum stealthiness.

Mr. Onan, our valiant generator is running to top off Mr. Sunny's solar battery bank. This is a rare event. But it has been pretty foggy all day long, and solar power has been really low.

9PM - Nite Camping in our afternoon camp site.
We have decided to Nite Camp in the same place where we have been camping during the afternoon. MsTioga is right next to a Long's Drugstore parking lot, and nobody is paying any attention to us. Maybe Camping in Santa Cruz will not be as hard as we thought!


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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

7AM - Morning in San Carlos.
When we left San Francisco's Golden Gate Park yesterday afternoon, the plan was to find a Day Camp near the Pacific Ocean, and then Nite Camp nearby. However, we could not find a Nite Camp site. It seems that San Francisco is a hard place to Nite Camp.

We sort of meandered around during the afternoon, and found a Nite Camp next to an Amercian Legion building in the Town of San Carlos. Peeking out of MsTioga's window this morning, we see that it is an overcast morning here in San Carlos. Little Mavicito and George are going out for our morning walk now.

9:30AM - New eyeglasses need adjusting.
I cannot read street signs while driving with my new eyeglasses until I am almost to an intersection. It seems that I should be able to see better than that. So, I have an appointment at the Lenscrafters in Menlo Park. This is the good thing about a big chain like Lenscrafters. They are all over the place.

12:30PM - Got new glasses and heading west.
Lenscrafters ground a new left lens. The right side lens was OK, so now there is a new left lens in my glasses and I am able to see distances much better.

We decided to head west toward the Pacific Coast. Soon the road got all twisty and turny. It was clear to MsTioga and everybody on The Team that we were lost. Even Old George who believes that he never gets lost, seemed a bit confused.

So, we asked Mr. DeLorme, our noble GPS system to find us. Would you believe that Mr. DeLorme could not find our location? He looked and looked, for over an hour with no success. We decided to just drive, and hope for the best.

Finally we came to Highway #84 and just about that time, Mr. DeLorme came to life! You know that we on The Team believe in destiny and fate. If we are heading in the right direction, things go well. If not, stuff like Mr. DeLorme doesn't work. Maybe this is silly, but that's how things seem to be!

2PM - The redwoods are sooooo beautiful.
As we traveled along Highway #84, we climbed up a steep mountain. Here and there were groves of lovely coastal redwoods. We love the look inside these groves. Shady, with beams of sunshine coming thru. Little Mavicito said, “This must be the right road for us. Look how beautiful the forest is!”


The redwoods near the Village of La Honda.

3:30PM - San Gregorio Camp above the beach.
Soon we were leaving the mountains. The canyon leveled out a bit. Then the gorgeous Pacific Ocean came into view. We traveled a little ways south along the coast on Highway #1. Then we came to a dirt parking area that would make a wonderful Camp. This place looks down on the Pacific Ocean, a couple hundred feet below. This place is not posted. There aren’t any No Camping signs!!

We do not know if making a Camp here will bring a knock from police on MsTioga's door during the nite. However, we cannot run away from our fears of what might happen, don't you think? Sometimes we just have to take a chance and jump on a leap of faith.


George looks down at the Pacific Ocean's waves below our Camp.

9PM & 10:30PM - Sheriff protects The Team.
San Mateo County sheriffs stopped by twice. We were very lucky. The sheriffs did not chase us away, and let us stay the nite. They did advise that sleeping in a vehicle is not legal in this county.


No Anchor Link today.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

7:30AM - Headed south from Bolinas Lagoon.
MsTioga and The Team pulled out from our Bolinas Lagoon Nite Camp. Our suspicion that police would come knocking on MsTioga's door during the nite was wrong. We had a good nite's sleep and were undisturbed.

The fog is hanging over the Pacific Coast. On the hills behind us, the fog is so thick that the hilltops are hidden.

8:30AM - Morning Camped in soupy fog.
We moved several miles south and made a Morning Camp. The waves of the Pacific may be barely seen thru the fog. Even Little Mavicito could barely see the waves! Small clouds of fog are blowing up the hill from the Ocean. It is a chilly 52°F outside. Mr. Wave6 has been lit and is gently warming us.

11:00AM - Presidio of San Francisco.
Uncle Joe died in 1991. The last thing he said to me was, “Don't forget me.” And of course I never forgot.

The Team is now at the Presidio of San Francisco. The National Cemetery is here at the Presido, and Uncle Joe will rest here forever. I am the only person in the World who knows exactly where Uncle Joe's grave is located. I have been here many times.

UncleJoeA09-26-2006 UncleJoeB09-26-2006

Visiting Uncle Joe at the Presidio.

12 Noon - Golden Gate Park.
After we left the Presidio, we saw a sign which pointed to Golden Gate Park. MsTioga has never been in the Park, so we went there to Camp awhile. The fog is breaking up and every so often Mr. Sunny’s amp meter goes over 25 amps!


George and MsTioga look at Golden Gate Park.


Gorgeous view looking at the Conservatory of Flowers building.

Moving on or staying put.
Often we receive email from readers wondering why we do not stay put at some beautiful place. MsTioga, George and The Team are addicted to traveling. We love to be on the move.

We have come to enjoy seeing things going by, as we slowly meander along. Do we see things that most travelers don't see? Probably the answer is “Yes.” Our speed is sooooo slow, that we usually have to pull over every few miles to let vehicles pass us. Going slowly gives us opportunity to see. And of course we are forever stopping to take peeks.


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Monday, September 25, 2006

6AM - Lost in Emerville.
The Team stayed put at our Evening Camp all nite. It got pretty quiet later yesterday evening, and we were not disturbed all nite long.

We left our Camp early, hoping to miss commute traffic. But we got lost in Emeryville! Street signs that pointed to the freeway entrance, were wrong. Mr. DeLorme came to the rescue, and showed us the way to go. Where would we be without our Mr. DeLorme?!

Our plan is to head west, crossing the bridge over San Francisco Bay. We have never been to Mount Tamalpais which is in this area, and want to take a peek.

7:30AM - Morning Camped in the Town of Larkspur.
After crossing San Francisco Bay, we came to Larkspur. We like the name of this town. Larkspur. This is an upscale community, and we have always found that it is hard to make a Camp on the streets in upscale land. So, we drove into the Bon Air shopping center to take a look around and get our bearings.


Morning Camp in Larkspur.

10:30AM - Muir Woods or Mount Tamalpais.
We have made a Morning Camp at the intersection that goes either to Muir Woods National Monument or Mount Tamalpais State Park. Mr. Datastorm is going online to gather information so that we may decide which way to go. The roads thru the hills in this area are pretty challenging. Narrow and winding, with hardly any pull-over spots.

Everybody on The Team feels that this site would make a good Nite Camp. Well, everybody but MsTioga. She believes that the sheriff would knock on her door if we tried to stay the nite. This is a nice site though. There are some trails nearby, with wonderful views!

MuirTamalpaisA09-25-2006 MuirTamalpaisB09-25-2006

View from the trail. George looking at the sign.

2:30PM - San Francisco from Mount Tam.
We are Afternoon Camping at a wonderful lookout point up on Mount Tamalpais. From here Little Mavicito sees the skyline of San Francisco. It is a pretty hazy day, and the buildings are kind of grey.


Skyline of San Francisco.

6:30PM - Camping plan change.
We had made plans to Nite Camp in the State Campground at the foot of the road to the summit of Mount Tamalpais. But Mr. Datastorm could not find his space station thru the trees. So we decided to head down the mountain about 4 miles to Stinson Beach.

7:30PM - Stinson Beach Nite Camp.
We found a Nite Camp site alongside the Bolinas Lagoon near Stinson Beach. There aren't any No Camping signs here. However, we would not be surprised if a policeman knocked on MsTioga's door tonite!


Nite Camp Location

Sunday, September 24, 2006

7AM - Torn about leaving.
Everybody on The Team understands that it is essential to live in the now of time. We cannot be a centered and balanced team if we dwell in the past or future. This is especially true when living the vagabonding life.

Yet, we find ourselves torn about leaving our Concord homebase. We have come to love sharing the daily goings on of son David, his foster kids Pedro and Javier and the kids’ friends.

This afternoon is the time we have chosen to head out of Concord, and continue our journey south. Everybody on The Team is excited about being on the road again. And yet.........

NowA09-24-2006 NowB09-24-2006

Flowers alongside our Nite Camp. Washing MsTioga.

10AM - Hanging out at son David's home.
We drove over to David's, and plan to be here until later this afternoon. We love hanging out at David's place. There is always something going on. Neighbors dropping by and the kids are usually busy doing stuff too.

5:30PM - Headed south.
MsTioga and The Team headed out of Concord. We drove thru the lovely cities of Walnut Creek and Lafayette. Then west thru the forested valley that connects these cities with the Town of Orinda. After going thru the long Caldicott Tunnel, we began to look for an Evening Camp.

7PM - Emeryville-Berkeley area.
We have made an Evening Camp in the City of Emeryville (near Berkeley). We are leveled out and Mr. Datastorm is online. We may stay the nite here, but that is not for sure.


Nite Camp Location